Ethan the Warlock
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Ethan the Warlock (Character)
from Halloweentown High (2004) (TV)

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Aneesa: [asking on why Ethan was rubbing his shoulder] Are you okay?
Ethan Dalloway: Ya I'm Fine... I just got swept off my feet last night

Ethan Dalloway: We're not talking about laundry anymore, are we?

Ethan Dalloway: What you did, giving up that power...
Marnie Piper: You probably think it was stupid.
Ethan Dalloway: Stupid? I think it is amazing. Power isn't important to me.
Marnie Piper: What kind of warlock doesn't like power?
Ethan Dalloway: The mortal kind. When my dad tried to steal your family's magic, the ouncil took his powers and i renounced mine. I can't do magic, I can't fly on a broom or any other cleaning instrument. Those flowers i gave you, that was just a trick I learned from some book. I'm a mortal now, Marnie.

Ethan Dalloway: Hey.
Marnie Piper: Hey.
Aneesa: You know, I'd really hoped you two had moved past monosyllables.

Ethan Dalloway: Hey, Scarlett. I, uh, think you owe my boy, Dylan, an apology.
Scarlett Sinister: Excuse me? If anything he should apologize to me. I wasted a whole month of college on that toad. Ooh. Join me in a little Sinister magic, sister?
[they try to cast a spell and there is weak zapping]
Scarlett Sinister: My magic! It's gone!
Dylan Piper: Uh, yours, your father's, your whole family's, actually.
Saphire Sinister: I don't get it.
Sage Sinister: We're mortal, dumbbell.
Scarlett Sinister: We might as well be... ugly!

Marnie Piper: They could cast another spell on Dylan, even as we speak!
Ethan Dalloway: And what? Make him do more math? He loves math!

Marnie Piper: We need to find Dylan.
Ethan Dalloway: I already did.

Marnie Piper: Dylan! Where'd you find him?
Silas Sinister: We had help.
Ethan Dalloway: Marnie, I'm sorry.
Marnie Piper: You're working with them?
Ethan Dalloway: No!
Silas Sinister: Oh, yes he was! He just didn't know it. Ethan found your brother, and we found Ethan.

Marnie Piper: So, what's up this "No Magic" rule?
Ethan Dalloway: Uh, that's new. Students used to be required to use their magic in classes.
Aneesa: But that was when Witch University was for witches only, no monsters, or mummies, or genies allowed.
Marnie Piper: When did it change?
Aneesa: Last year.
Marnie Piper: Who's the dork that did that?
Ethan Dalloway, Aneesa: You are.
Marnie Piper: Me?
Ethan Dalloway: When you opened the portal between the worlds permanently a lot of kids from Halloweentown went to college in the Mortal World.
Marnie Piper: Why would they do that?
Ethan Dalloway: Why would anyone want to go off to college? Get away from Mom and Dad. Far away from them.
Marnie Piper: A world away.
Aneesa: Witch University needed more students, so they opened enrollment to non-witches. That's how I got in, because of you!
Marnie Piper: Wow, I mean, that's great. But why no magic?
Ethan Dalloway: To level the academic playing field.
Aneesa: It wouldn't be fair if witches could use magic to do coursework and the rest of us had to do it the old-fashioned way.

Ethan Dalloway: That's rule Number 2. Do all the magic you want, just don't get caught.

Dr. Lwaxana Goodwyn: Good, the class is all here.
Ethan Dalloway: But, uh, no classroom.

Marnie Piper: Am I seeing what I think I'm seeing?
Ethan Dalloway: Yes, Marnie. You've spotted the elusive guy doing his own laundry.
Marnie Piper: A rare creature, indeed.

Ethan Dalloway: I have no idea what you just said, but, uh, you looked really cute saying it.
Marnie Piper: Why don't you just use your magic?
Ethan Dalloway: What magic would that be?
Marnie Piper: You know.
Ethan Dalloway: We're not talking about laundry anymore, are we?

Ethan Dalloway: So, uh, you wanna just zap this stuff clean and go get a cup of coffee with me?

Ethan Dalloway: Chancellor really needs to get a cell phone.

Marnie Piper: Raincheck on the coffee?
Ethan Dalloway: And the magic.

Halloweentown High (2004) (TV)
Ethan Dalloway: Chester's armadillo ate a hole in my sweater.

Dalloway: Ethan.
Ethan Dalloway: No. I'm staying.
Dalloway: A disappointment right to the very end.

Ethan Dalloway: Good luck. We only have until next week.
[gets slapped]
Ethan Dalloway: We are so gonna do this!