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Gene Autry (Character)
from Sioux City Sue (1946/I)

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Sioux City Sue (1946/I)
Sue Warner: I hoped you let me stay around for a while.
Gene Autry: I don't think you'd like ranching. It's hard work.
Sue Warner: I can earn my keep.
Gene Autry: You know anything about horses?
Sue Warner: Do I! I parlayed a two dollar bet into a bundle that big!
[Sue holds her fingers three inches apart]

Sue Warner: I can cook... a little.
Gene Autry: Maybe you can parlay that into a lot.
Sue Warner: Oh, can I! Will you help me bring in my bags?
Gene Autry: Not in here! We have a nice cozy little room - in the barn.
Sue Warner: In the what?
Gene Autry: The barn.
Sue Warner: The barn! Oh. Well, how delightfully rustic.