Jamie Shannon
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Jamie Shannon (Character)
from The Dogs of War (1980)

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The Dogs of War (1980)
Shannon: [to the other mercenaries] Remember; you have to make it home to get paid.

Shannon: In my jungle, you'd be just another asshole.

Col. Bobi: [of his troops] They'll die for Zangaro!
Shannon: Be more help to me if they fight.
Col. Bobi: If there is one who doesn't, I'll take his head and mount it on the palace gates.
Shannon: You and your brother both have the same easy way of doing business.
Col. Bobi: Olu Kimba did not do business. So now Secu Bobi will be president. He wants to be God... I want to be RICH!

Drew: [Shannon is recruiting men] Count me in; I'll go.
Shannon: Don't you want to know where and what?
Drew: Doesn't matter. My wife's six months pregnant. Wherever we're going, it's gotta be better than sittin' around watchin' her get fat.

Shannon: [about his mercenaries] Everybody comes with me, goes home.

Endean: Shannon, get him out of here! This whole country's bought and paid for!
Shannon: You're gonna have to buy it all over again.
[shoots Col. Bobi]

Shannon: [to Endean and Bobi, who have arrived after the fighting is over] You're late!

Shannon: Anything that starts with "d" I didn't get yet?
Dr. Oaks: Yeah... DEAD!

Customs Officer: [finding two large bottles of whisky in Shannon's luggage] Do you have a drinking problem, Mr Brown?
Shannon: I thought there might be a problem with the water.
Customs Officer: [confiscating one of the bottles] There is.