Hedda Gabler
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Hedda Gabler (Character)
from Hedda Gabler (1967) (TV)

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Hedda Gabler (1981) (TV)
Eilert Lovborg: Hedda - Gabler.
Hedda Gabler: Sh!
Eilert Lovborg: Hedda Gabler.
Hedda Gabler: Yes, that used to be my name. When we knew each other first.
Eilert Lovborg: Can't I call you Hedda - even when we're alone together?
Hedda Gabler: Think it. If you've a mind to. Only don't say it.

Judge Brack: Every respectible home is going to be closed to Eilert Lovborg from now on. As a friend of the family I can't help saying that it would be well more than a little painful if this gentleman should find any haven here. If he should try to invade...
Hedda Gabler: [holding her hand up in complete understanding] Eh, triangle?
Judge Brack: Precisely. It would render me homeless.
Hedda Gabler: Ah, yes. A roost but no room.
Judge Brack: That's not what I've looked for, and I'll see to it that I get what I have.
Hedda Gabler: How dangerous you are when the last bits are made!
Judge Brack: Think so?
Hedda Gabler: I'm beginning to now. I'm only thankful you have no hold on me.
Judge Brack: Oh, just imagine what it could lead to!
Hedda Gabler: [laughs] Threatening sounds really don't go with your appearance at all!
Judge Brack: Well, I think I've managed to say what I meant. So, until I happen to see you again, good-bye, Madame Hedda.
Hedda Gabler: Are you going through the garden?
Judge Brack: Oh, it's quicker for me.
Hedda Gabler: Everywhere people are sniping from the inside.
Judge Brack: [laughs as he's walking away] You don't pick off your barnyard cocks.
Hedda Gabler: [mumbles] Indeed.
Hedda Gabler: Not if you only have one.

Hedda Gabler: Why does everything I touch become vulgar and absurd and commonplace?