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Quotes for
Wilbur (Character)
from Wilbur Wants to Kill Himself (2002)

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Wilbur Wants to Kill Himself (2002)
Wilbur: You licked my ear. I'd have bought a dog if I wanted my ear licked.

Harbour: Wilbur. When you were dead... what was it like?
Wilbur: Harbour, you've got a hangover. You're not going to die.
Harbour: Of course not. I know that. But what was it like?
Wilbur: What do you mean?
Harbour: Is there anything there? Is there some kind of huge white light?
Wilbur: It's as dull as ditchwater. There's nothing. Just blackness and utter silence. It's a bit like being in Wales.

Wilbur: Horst. Is that German for "sausage"?
Horst: No. But it's close.

Wilbur: It's a snowbeast.

Moira: Wilbur, what do you think would happen, in a broad sociological sense, if we all went around killing ourselves?
Wilbur: There'd be no more group.

Wilbur: You know, it gets more and more humiliating every time I survive. Why did you have to crash in? Why do you always stick your nose in?
Harbour: But you phoned!

Wilbur: Where are you parents?
Mary: My mum's asleep. And my dad... doesn't exist.

Wilbur: Are you in any way related to the man they called Horst?
Horst: I believe so, yes. Somewhere on my mother's side.