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Quotes for
Peina (Character)
from The Addiction (1995)

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The Addiction (1995)
Peina: You know how long I've been fasting? Forty years. The last time I shot up, I had a dozen and a half in one night. They fall like flies before the hunger, don't they? You can never get enough, can you? But you learn to control it. You learn, like the Tibetans, to survive on a little.

Peina: The entire world's a graveyard, and we, the birds of prey picking at the bones. That's all we are. We're the ones who let the dying know the hour has come.

Kathleen: How can we eat or drink? People like us?
Peina: I'm not like you. You're nothing. That's something you ought not to forget. You're not a person. You're nothing!

Peina: You can't kill what's dead. Eternity's a long time. Get used to it.

Peina: Mankind has striven to exist beyond good and evil, from the beginning. And you know what they found? Me.

Kathleen Conklin: What's gonna happen to me?
Peina: Read the books. Sartre, Beckett. Who do you think they're talking about? You think they're works of fiction?

Peina: You want me to take you someplace dark?