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Arnie Westrum (Character)
from Silver Bullet (1985)

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Silver Bullet (1985)
[Arnie the town drunk goes out to fix the train tracks in the middle of the night, becoming the first victim of the werewolf attacks]
Arnie Westrum: [Arnie drunkenly sings] My beer is Rheingold, the dry beer / Think of Rheingold whenever you buy beer / It's not bitter, not sweet, it's a real frosty treat / Won't you buy, won't you but Rheingold Beer / Won't you try, won't you buy
Arnie Westrum: [Arnie hears the rustle of leaves] Jesus, Arnie. What're you, are you afraid of the Boogeyman? Heh-heh. God. Come on out of there, buster, and give me a hand. All right, what is it that you want, Arnie? I want some Rheingold... As soon as I get that dirt out of there.
Older Jane: [narrating] The killing had begun, but at first, no one knew it. You see, Arnie Westrum was a chronic drunk. And what happened seemed like an accident. The county coroner concluded Arnie had passed out on the tracks. There wasn't enough evidence to conclude anything else.