Lord Blackwood
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Lord Blackwood (Character)
from Sherlock Holmes (2009)

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Sherlock Holmes (2009)
Governor: Lord Henry Blackwood, you are sentenced to death for the practice of black magic, the unholy murders of five innocent young women, and the attempted murder of a sixth. Have you any final words?
Lord Blackwood: Death... is only the beginning.

Lord Blackwood: Sherlock Holmes... and his loyal dog. Tell me, Doctor, as a medical man, have you enjoyed my work?
Dr. John Watson: Let me show you how much I've enjoyed it...
[He rushes at Blackwood, Holmes holds him back]
Sherlock Holmes: Watson, don't! Observe...
[Watson sees Blackwood's trap]
Dr. John Watson: How did you see that?
Sherlock Holmes: Because I was looking for it.

Lord Blackwood: My powers and my assets were given to me for one purpose. A magnificent, but simple purpose: to create a new future. A future ruled by us. Tomorrow at noon, we take the first step towards a new chapter in our history. Magic will lead the way. Once the people of England see our newfound power they'll bow down in fear. Across the Atlantic lies a colony that was once ours. It will be again. Their civil war has made them weak. Their government is as corrupt and as ineffective as ours... so we'll take it back. We will remake the world. Create the future.

Sherlock Holmes: First, the world will see you for what you are: a fraud. Then you'll be hanged - properly, this time.
Lord Blackwood: It's a long journey from here to the rope.