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Wichita (Character)
from Happy Campers (2001)

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Happy Campers (2001)
Wichita: You know, this reminds me of the time when, uh, we were just talking about something and all of a sudden started to kiss.

Wendy: Don't you get it? We're responsible for our own evolution! We can affect change! The work booklet says...
Wichita: Hush. Nobody changes at summer camp. They merely find out who they are and become it more. Oh, we can't be friends if we disagree?
Wendy: Idunno.
Wichita: That word of yours is really starting to piss me of. "Idunno." What do you know?
Wendy: I know that I can't go another summer where I almost did something or almost met a boy. What do you know, smarty-pants?

Wichita: Counselor Wendy... um, I can't seem to find that vital thingy in the storage room.
Wendy: Gadzooks! Why didn't you say something before?

Wichita: I don't know, it's like between family, friends, Playstation, internet, it's possible for a person to go their whole lives without ever listening to their soul.