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Quotes for
Terry (Character)
from 21 (2008)

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21 (2008)
[Cole Williams punches a card gambler in the dark basement of the casino]
Cole Williams: You think you can beat the system.
Cole Williams: [Cole holds up his fist] This is the system, beating you back!
Cole Williams: [Cole punches the Gambler's chest] You wanna count cards, you do it in Atlantic City. Get him up.
Terry: [Terry lifts up the kid] Come on, kid.
Cole Williams: Count to five. Count to five!
Gambler: [the gambler stammers] What... What?
Cole Williams: Count to five so I know you don't have brain damage, you can go home.
Terry: [Terry growls into the gambler's ear] Start with one.
Gambler: One, two, three, four, five.
Cole Williams: Good. Now, stop counting!

[Cole Williams checks Ben's pocket and finds his real ID]
Cole Williams: Oh! You understand all this. You go to MIT.
Terry: Smart boy.
Cole Williams: [Cole laughs] My name is Cole Williams. And if I ever see you in this town again, I will break your cheek bone with a small hammer, and then I will kill you.

[Cole and Terry confront Ben escorting him off the casino floor]
Terry: Let's take a walk, huh?
Cole Williams: [Cole with a smile on his face] Come on, kid. See if we can't get you that chicken dinner.

[Cole Williams explains to Ben what Biometrics is while punching him in the basement of the casino]
Cole Williams: Biometrics. It's sort of like a fingerprint of your face.
Cole Williams: [Cole punches Ben across the face] See, when the player sits down at the table, the software, it read this, uh...
Terry: Biometric profile.
Cole Williams: Biometric profile of your face, cross-references it with a database of counters. Software will probably put you and me out of business, but it still can't do this.
[Cole punches Ben in his ribs]