Arthur Petrelli
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Arthur Petrelli (Character)
from "Heroes" (2006/II)

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"Heroes: Chapter Seven 'Eris Quod Sum' (#3.7)" (2008/II)
Daphne Millbrook: How can I fix this?
Arthur Petrelli: Re-visit Mr. Parkman.
Daphne Millbrook: But I don't think he's gonna take the deal.
Arthur Petrelli: You're not going to offer him anything, you're going to kill him.
Maury Parkman: What?
Arthur Petrelli: I just asked her to kill your son, Maury, is that a problem?
Maury Parkman: You're damn right. My loyalty for his safety. That was the arrangement.
Daphne Millbrook: I'm a thief. I steal things. There's no way I could kill anybody.
Maury Parkman: I'm not going to let you do this, Arthur.
Arthur Petrelli: You're not in the position to give me orders.
Maury Parkman: I'm Matt's father. Without me, you'd still be lying...
[Arthur snaps Maury's neck with his power]
Arthur Petrelli: Thank you, Maury, for all your sacrifice.

[Arthur stops Suresh beating up Sylar]
Mohinder Suresh: Do you know who this man is? Do you have any idea how many innocent people he's killed?
Arthur Petrelli: I do. But he's also my son. And I've been waiting for him for a long time.

Flint Gordon: The building is sealed up tight. If Peter's still here he ain't gettin' out.
Sylar: Peter is long gone.
Flint Gordon: If I find him, you want him crispy or well done?
Arthur Petrelli: Alive, please.

Peter Petrelli: With or without my powers, I'm gonna find a way to shut you down, and then I will make you pay for everything you've ever done!
Arthur Petrelli: Son, until you change that attitude - you're grounded.

Arthur Petrelli: It's time you learned the truth about your mother.

Arthur Petrelli: I'm Arthur Petrelli.
Mohinder Suresh: Everyone thinks you're dead.
Arthur Petrelli: That was the idea.
Mohinder Suresh: What could possibly drive a father to put his children through such grief?
Arthur Petrelli: Have you met their mother?

"Heroes: Chapter Eight 'Villains' (#3.8)" (2008/II)
Arthur Petrelli: Read your Shakespeare. When the son challenges the father, only one is left standing. I should have one last talk with him, I owe him that.
Daniel Linderman: What happens if that doesn't take?
Arthur Petrelli: Well, I'll... kill him.

Angela Petrelli: So what do you think, Arthur? Do you still know me? Can you tell anything about me just by looking in my eyes?
Arthur Petrelli: You're my wife, Angela. I know you like I know my own heart.
Angela Petrelli: Really? So what am I gonna do now? Am I gonna kiss you? Or am I gonna kill you?

Arthur Petrelli: [telepathically] Nathan has to die.
Angela Petrelli: [repeating aloud] Nathan has to die.

[last lines]
Arthur Petrelli: I understand you've been dreaming about me.

"Heroes: Chapter Nine 'It's Coming' (#3.9)" (2008/II)
Arthur Petrelli: You had one job to do, and now I have to come clean up your mess. That's what I get for sending a boy to do a man's job.

Tracy Strauss: For your plan to succeed, you need a public face. Now, normally that would be you. Problem is, the world thinks you're dead.
Arthur Petrelli: A thorny issue, I admit.
Tracy Strauss: But I think Nathan can be that face. The bad news: he's on the fence. The good news: I can push him over. You scratch my back, and I will make sure he lands on the right side.

[last lines]
Arthur Petrelli: It's coming.

"Heroes: Chapter Twelve 'Our Father' (#3.12)" (2008/II)
Arthur Petrelli: Ready to change the world?

Arthur Petrelli: You're a dead man.

"Heroes: Chapter Six 'Dying of the Light' (#3.6)" (2008/II)
Arthur Petrelli: Feels good to breathe again.

[last lines]
Arthur Petrelli: You don't have your powers anymore, Peter - because I have them now.

"Heroes: Chapter Five 'Angels and Monsters' (#3.5)" (2008/II)
Arthur Petrelli: You can see the future. I can't have that. It's too dangerous.
Angela Petrelli: You won't succeed. I'll stop you.
Arthur Petrelli: Don't be ridiculous. You won't even be able to move.

"Heroes: Chapter Eleven 'The Eclipse - Part 2' (#3.11)" (2008/II)
Arthur Petrelli: I think this eclipse showed us all exactly who we are - desperate, angry, and weak. Are you ready to get back to work?
Mohinder Suresh: [showing signs of re-transformation] Look at me. Where else could I go?
Arthur Petrelli: We'll find a cure. But that monster inside of you - that's something you're gonna have to take care of all by yourself.

"Heroes: Chapter Ten 'The Eclipse Part 1' (#3.10)" (2008/II)
Arthur Petrelli: Everything's going to change today... everything.