Alex Lesman
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Alex Lesman (Character)
from "Gilmore Girls" (2000)

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"Gilmore Girls: I Solemnly Swear (#3.11)" (2003)
Sookie: Joe and I worked together one summer up in the Berkshires.
Joe Mastoni: Oh, God, we had a wild time that summer, didn't we?
Lorelai: You had a wild time, huh? Do tell.
Sookie: We'd all work fourteen hours straight, party 'til dawn, then pile in Joe's van and wake up in New Hampshire or Maine with just enough time to get back for the next shift.
Joe Mastoni: We had a real interesting crew. Sookie, me, Feldman, Mellon, Bung...
Lorelai: Bung?
Sookie: He was the grill man. He had been up there for a couple years already, but Joe and I were both in prep.
Lorelai: And I repeat; Bung?
Alex Lesman: Don't look at me. I'm still wondering if Mellon's a man or a woman.

Alex Lesman: We've got the business model planned out, there's a couple of prime locations we're interested in. The only thing left to do besides build the place is pick a name.
Lorelai: Oh, little tip, don't choose anything cute.
Sookie: Like Jitters.
Lorelai: Or Spill the Beans.
Sookie: Or Higher Ground.
Lorelai: Or The Mudhouse.
Alex Lesman: Actually, I kinda like that.
Lorelai: Oh, me too. We call dibs.
Alex Lesman: I thought you were opening an inn.
Lorelai: Well, we wanna keep our options open.