John Rollins
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John Rollins (Character)
from The Messengers (2007)

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Messengers 2: The Scarecrow (2009) (V)
Michael Rollins: [on the scarecrow] I don't like it dad
John Rollins: Well hopefully the crows won't like it either

[first lines]
John Rollins: [on the townsfolk when he failed to show up for church] Yeah! They will be talking about someone else tommrow

John Rollins: How do i get rid of it?
[the scarecrow]
Jude Weatherby: [in disbelief] Why? You already recieved it's blessings! Your crows are gone! Your crops are flourishing! It only did what you wanted too?
John Rollins: I never wanted this...
Jude Weatherby: [cuts him off] OF COURSE YOU DID! The banker meant to take your farm! The seducer meant to take your wife! You planted the seeds John... and now you complain about your blessed harvest?
John Rollins: You're insane!
Jude Weatherby: [scoffs] I'M NOT SAYING IT'S PERFECT! Your scarecrow is unfocused John... because your unfocused. It's about the land John... the land is all that matters
Jude Weatherby: [in realisation] YOU KNEW!
Jude Weatherby: [grins] How do you think a poor Irish family came to control so much land?
Jude Weatherby: that's right... and now it can all be yours

Miranda Weatherby: Stay focused! Let the scarecrow help you! You'll need it to remove obsticles!
John Rollins: I don't have any obsticles?
Jude Weatherby: That family of yours is a distraction! An obsticle! Oh come on... you already turned your back on your family
[bellows after him]
Jude Weatherby: Honestly... i'm suprised they lasted this long!

The Messengers (2007)
Burwell: You've been a bad girl, haven't you Lindsay?

Burwell: Let me know if you need anything, okay?