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Tamera Campbell (Character)
from "Sister, Sister" (1994)

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"Sister, Sister: The Meeting (#1.1)" (1994)
Tamera Campbell: [seeing each other for the first time] Dad...
Tia Landry: Mom...
Tamera Campbell, Tia Landry: That girl has my face!

Lisa Landry: Nobody mess with me! I have mace! I have pepper spray!
Tamera Campbell: You know, your mom is nothing like you.
Tia Landry: That's because I'm adopted.
Tamera Campbell: So am I.

Tamera Campbell: I bet you really hate science and math too, right?
Tia Landry: No, I like them.
Tamera Campbell: Really? That IS weird.

Tamera Campbell: [about the movie they're watching] It's Friday the 13th, part 14.

"Sister, Sister: Kid-Napped (#4.6)" (1996)
[Tia and Tamera are posing as limousine drivers]
Chilli T: Wait a minute... the studio sent a couple of teenage girls to be my driver?
Tamera: Yes...
Chilli T: Cool, they got my memo!

Tamera: I read in the 'Wossuuuup' magazine that Chilli *never* says no to a fan in need.
Little Boy: Excuse me Mr. Chilli, I'm a really big fan. Can I please have your autograph, pleeeeeaaase?
Chilli T: Man, get away from me, get that thing outta my face!

Tamera: [after trying and failing to revive Chili, Tia breaks down in tears] Oh no, Tia, Don't you dare start it now; not in front of our friends! If you're gonna cry, go in the closet!
Tia Landry: I don't wanna go in the closet!
[sobs harder]
Tia Landry: I wanna go to bed! I don't wanna be popular anymore!
Tamera: Me neither!
[Tamera begins crying too]
Tia Landry, Tamera: It's so hard!
Roger Evans: Girls, could you take this outside? You're bring Chili Down.
Tia Landry: He's *already* down! And *out*!
Tamera: Yeah, the big dope doped up on Quick Fix Elixir Mix!

"Sister, Sister: Slumber Party (#1.3)" (1994)
Lisa Landry: [to Ray] 14 year olds are more mature today than they used to be.
Tamera Campbell: [Tia runs out of the room screaming with carrots up her nose, Roger walks out like Frankenstein with cucumber slices on his eyes, and Tamera follows with carrots for fangs] I want to suck your blood!
[chases them up the stairs]
Lisa Landry: [to Ray] I bet you weren't doing that until you were at least 20.

Tamera Campbell: We should have enough food. We got chips, dip, soda and candy.
Lisa Landry: Ooh, the four major food groups.

Ray Campbell: [about Adam] Who is this?
Tamera Campbell: One of our flat chested girlfriends?

"Sister, Sister: Scrambled Eggs (#2.16)" (1995)
[They've been given an egg to look after like a child, Roger has stuck on hair and drawn a face on it]
Tamera: Wow she's looking more and more like you every day.
Roger: Yeah.
[turns egg around]
Roger: But I gave her your butt.

[On naming their 'baby' - an egg for a school project]
Roger: Why don't we name her Talamika? That's Swahili for precious flower.
Tamera: That's beautiful Roger how'd you know that?
Roger: Coz I just made it up.

Lisa Landry: Today I destroyed an entire church!
Tia Landry: Well, my marriage to Michael's on the rocks!
Lisa Landry: Huh, not even close.
Tamera Campbell: I... I think I'm in love with Roger.
Lisa Landry, Tia Landry: You win!

"Sister, Sister: A Separate Peace (#5.2)" (1997)
Tia Landry: So you're saying you've gota problem with me?
Tamera Campbell: Isn't that what you're saying about me?
Tia Landry: Well that's *exactly* what *I'm* saying!
Tamera Campbell: Well, Since you can't stand being around me anymore, just let me have my space!
Tia Landry: You know what, Tamera? Nothing would make me happier.
Tamera Campbell: Good! 'Cause I never wanna see your ugly face again!
Tia Landry: Then *Don't* look in the mirror!

Ray Campbell: Morning.
Tia Landry, Tamera Campbell: [Angrily] Morning!
Ray Campbell: How's my two favorite girls?
Tia Landry, Tamera Campbell: Fine!
Ray Campbell: Okay...
[to Tia, eating dry cereal after Tamera takes the milk]
Ray Campbell: Honey, Would you like some milk?
Tia Landry: [Through Mouthfuls] Nope, I like it *dry*
Tamera Campbell: And I like My Milk *wet*!
[takes her glass of milk]
Ray Campbell: [the girls leave and he goes to pour some milk but there is none and is now annoyed] Well, I guess I like my coffee *black*!

"Sister, Sister: Sis Boom Bah (#4.5)" (1996)
Tamera Campbell: [Ray demonstrates Cheerleader moves including backflips] Run, Tia! It's a Pod Person!

Tamera: Tia, grab your pom-poms, I'll be out back with the motor running
Tia Mowry: Stand aside, losers comin' through!
Lisa Landry: Wait now, come on now baby, you are not a loser! Not unless you quit. Tia, listen now, I lost my business, my self-respect and part of one eyebrow. I was down. I was so down, the down looked like up to me! Then I remembered these wise words: you don't lose by getting knocked down, you lose by staying down.

"Sister, Sister: First Dates (#1.2)" (1994)
Tamera Campbell: [they can't get a date] Are we freaks?
Tia Landry: No, if we're 35 and still having this conversation, then we're freaks.

Tia Landry: Your hair looks nice.
Tamera Campbell: I look like Lenny Kravitz!

"Sister, Sister: Big Twin on Campus (#3.21)" (1996)
Tia Mowry: Tamera, do I look like someone who would put on rollerblades, and skate around with someone named, Dinky Patterson?
Tamera: Well, you look like me, and I'm going!

"Sister, Sister: The Best Policy (#5.9)" (1997)
Tia: [Tamera has just seen Vivica kissing another man] Maybe it was just someone who looked like her.
Tamera: [sarcastically] Oh, sure, maybe she has an identical twin sister somewhere that she doesn't know anything about... It was *her*, OK?

"Sister, Sister: It's My Party (#5.5)" (1997)
[the girls have just received a birthday card]
Tia Landry: [Reading it out] "To my dearest nieces... Two words... 'Carpe Diem'."
Tamera: To my dearest Uncle... Two words... 'Say what?'

"Sister, Sister: Valentine's Day (#3.16)" (1996)
Roger Evans: This guy bothering you, Tamera?
Shawn: And who are you?
Roger Evans: I'm her date.
Shawn: Well, Tamera and I have decide that there's a little *change* in plans.
Roger Evans: What, she doesn't want any punch? 'Cause My Mom's got a thermos of hot cocoa in the car!
Shawn: No, No. See; Tamera and I were talkin' and I wanna *dance*
Roger Evans: [indignant] I don't wanna dance with *you*!
Shawn: What a loser.
[to Tamera]
Shawn: Why don't you explain it to him?
Tamera Campbell: Why don't *you* get *lost*?
Roger Evans: Okay, Okay.
[Turns to leave]
Tamera Campbell: No, No, No. Not you, Roger!
[points to Shawn]
Tamera Campbell: *You*!
[Hands him both glasses of punch]
Tamera Campbell: Now go home and check on your mom.
Roger Evans: On the way out, Can you check on mine? She's the one shiverin' in the blue town and country!

"Sister, Sister: Double Dutch (#4.19)" (1997)
Tia Mowry: You smell like puppies.
Tamera: No I don't!
Tia Mowry: Doesn't that cute guy work at the pet store? You've been down there today, haven't you?
Tamera: Darn right I have, Tia! And we bottle fed the hamsters together!

"Sister, Sister: The Break-Up (#3.2)" (1995)
Tamera: You're not bothering me anymore, Roger.
Roger: So?
Tamera: That's bothering me! I kind of miss the way you used to follow me around and give me the creeps.
Roger: We did have something special, didn't we?
Tamera: Yeah, I guess we did.
Roger: Well, we can get it back if we try.
Tamera: What about Tia?
Roger: Don't worry your little head... I'll just let her down gently.
[Tia walks in]
Roger: Tia, you're toast!

"Sister, Sister: You Are So Beautiful (#4.2)" (1996)
Tamera: You got all the art genes, the music genes, what genes are left for me?
Tia Mowry: Well I have some ripped jeans in the closet upstairs.
Tamera: And you got the joke genes too!