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Lieutenant Miller (Character)
from Red vs. Blue: Reconstruction (2008) (V)

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Red vs. Blue: Reconstruction (2008) (V)
Lieutenant Miller: Now Caboose, I know we didn't always get along.
Pvt. Michael J. Caboose: I got tied up.
Lieutenant Miller: You seem like a good kid, you're just a little... confused.
Pvt. Michael J. Caboose: Yeah, he is.
Lieutenant Miller: But I wanna give you a piece of advice. This guy looks like a tough costumer, and you're bound to run into some situations you're not prepared for.
Pvt. Michael J. Caboose: Right, like a rodeo.
Lieutenant Miller: And if that happens, if you get in a situation where you think something bad is gonna happen, I want you to remember one thing... never ever come back here!
Pvt. Michael J. Caboose: Okay.
Lieutenant Miller: No, I need to hear you say it I need to know you understand.
Pvt. Michael J. Caboose: Don't ever go backwards.
Lieutenant Miller: Well I guess that's as close as we're gonna get.