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Maddie Fenton (Character)
from "Danny Phantom" (2004)

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"Danny Phantom: Reign Storm (#2.4)" (2005)
Vlad Masters: [watching Jack work on the Ecto-Skeleton] Any idea when this suit might be finished?
Jack Fenton, The Box Ghost, Nicolai Technus: Don't push me, V-man. I'm working on it!
Vlad Masters: [hearing the Fright Knight's horse coming from the portal, worried] Can we pick it up a little bit?
Maddie Fenton: [comes downstairs, looking around] What was that noise?
Jack Fenton, The Box Ghost, Nicolai Technus: [patting his stomach] Could be me... I had heuvos rancheros for breakfast.

Danny Fenton: If there's anything you wanted to say to me, now might be an excellent time to do it.
Maddie Fenton: I... I...
[Storm clouds gather, and Pariah Dark's face appears]

"Danny Phantom: Prisoners of Love (#1.8)" (2004)
Maddie's Sister: Well?
Jack Fenton, The Box Ghost, Nicolai Technus: Well what?
Maddie's Sister: You've been sitting here sipping lemonade for any hour. If your going to apologize to my sister, I suggest you start apologizin'!
Jack Fenton, The Box Ghost, Nicolai Technus: I...
[stomach grumbles]
Jack Fenton, The Box Ghost, Nicolai Technus: [Strained voice] Hold that thought!
Maddie's Sister: [Jack goes to the door] Anet no bathroom in there.
[Jack turns around]
Maddie's Sister: Ainet no outhouse out there.
[Jack looks paniced & sprints to the woods]
Maddie Fenton: You know, in his own way, he really is trying.
Maddie's Sister: I don't know understand why you think you need him Maddie. Look at me. Been single 10 years and I'm a calm, sensible, independent women and
Maddie's Sister: [hears a branch snap, turns around and brandishes a sharpened stick] HEY! Don't you wiz on that Jack Fenton! That's rhubarb!
Maddie's Sister: I've never been happier.