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Tucker Foley (Character)
from "Danny Phantom" (2004)

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"Danny Phantom: The Fright Before Christmas (#2.9)" (2005)
[Danny returns to Amity Park after destroying the Ghost Writer's Quantum Keyboard, depressed at what he did to Christmas]
Danny Fenton: [narrating] With the keyboard all busted, the curse takes its toll.
[Christmas lights go out, as a sign that Danny had destroyed Christmas]
Danny Fenton: The story continues, but I've no control.
[Tucker sees him at the window of the Foley house, then calls Sam, and they find Danny sitting all depressed]
Tucker Foley: Dude, like, it's Christmas. So why are you here?
Samantha "Sam" Manson: Alone outside, with no friends or family near?
Danny Fenton: It's my fault, all my fault, what had happened tonight. / I spoke out in anger and acted in spite. / I started it all when I picked that first fight. / But I'd give all I had to set everything right.
[while Danny is speaking, the toys and presents are restored to the way they were]

[Danny fights off the monster nutcracker using the ghost blasts]
Danny Phantom: You think this can stop me? This bear, or this train? / I'll just fire away 'til no pieces remain!
[he destroys the nutcracker, then flies back on the ground]
Danny Phantom: Nothing to add?
Ghost Writer: Danny asked. Then the answer / Showed up in the form of Sam, Tucker, and Lancer, / And Jazz standing silent, her eyes filled with tears, / Mourning the bear she had loved all these years. / And Tucker and Sam felt that crushing blow, too.
[Danny tries to console the group]
Tucker Foley: Danny, don't!
Samantha "Sam" Manson: What's your deal?
Jazz Fenton: I don't even know you.
[they walk away from the crowd, who gathers up in sadness and anger]
Ghost Writer: It seemed that the whole town was left to proclaim / That Christmas was ruined, the Ghost Boy to blame.
[Danny flies away from the angry crowd and stops at a house]
Ghost Writer: Save for one little boy, in his little red hat. / He thought Danny was cool... so we'll have to fix that!
[he brings the ghost Christmas trees to life and they attack]

"Danny Phantom: Shades of Gray (#1.10)" (2004)
Samantha "Sam" Manson: [to Tucker] Danny's in trouble.
[he does nothing]
Samantha "Sam" Manson: News Flash: That's your girlfriend!
Tucker Foley: [all of a sudden happy] That's awesome! Hey Valerie, wait up!

Danny Fenton: Tucker, you can't still like her
Danny Fenton: .
Tucker Foley: Why not? For once a girl I like, likes me back. Why can't you just roll with that? Not everybody has to like you , Danny. Don't you trust me?
Danny Fenton: You, yes. It's your hormones I worry about.

"Danny Phantom: What You Want (#1.6)" (2004)
Tucker Foley: [in the flying car w/ Danny] Oh, sure, phase the car through the building, you had to save the day, didn't you?
Danny Fenton: Umm... yeah, because a car smashing through the twenty-eighth floor of anything is bad!
Tucker Foley: You're just jealous, 'cause there's somebody else to grab the spotlight!
Surfer Guy: [really scarred] Yo, hallucinations! Focus!
Danny Fenton: When have I ever grabbed the spotlight?
Tucker Foley: How about right now, for instance!
Surfer Guy: Aaaahhh!
[Car crashes into a barn of hay; popping out of a pile of hay]
Surfer Guy: Cha, there's a chicken on my head.
Danny Fenton: Tucker, please, this is stupid. You're my best friend. I'm not jealous, I'm concerned.
Tucker Foley: Well, don't be! This town's big enough for more than one ghost kid!
Danny Fenton: [as Tucker flies off] Tucker, wait!... Whoa. Can't fly that fast. Is he getting more powerful?

"Danny Phantom: My Brother's Keeper (#1.9)" (2004)
[leaving a guidance counselor's office]
Tucker Foley: I hate my life.
Samantha "Sam" Manson: I hate your life too.

"Danny Phantom: Double Cross My Heart (#2.16)" (2005)
Samantha "Sam" Manson: I would appreciate it if you didn't drool on my tofu soy melt.
Tucker Foley: Sam, drool on a tofu soy melt isn't drool, it's seasoning.

"Danny Phantom: One of a Kind (#1.3)" (2004)
[Danny has just got a 'C' on his test]
Danny Fenton: Man, if only I had something I could take this out on!
The Box Ghost: [Appears] I am the Box Ghost! And once I empty you of your useless papers, your wonderful squarness will be mine!
Danny Fenton: [going ghost] Hello misplaced aggression.
Tucker Foley: You've got five minutes.
Danny Fenton: Which is four more than I'll need.