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Quotes for
Soren (Character)
from The Prince & Me II: The Royal Wedding (2006) (V)

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The Prince & Me: The Elephant Adventure (2010) (TV)
Soren: [while taking a picture of Queen Paige climbing an elephant] This is going on my Facebook page.

Soren: Sir, this has international incident written all over it!

Soren: This has international incident written all over it.

Soren: Well, I guess the jungle is as good a place to die as anywhere.

Edvard: Søren, do something!
Soren: I only know how to say 'Hello' in Sangyoon, not 'Please don't kill us!'

Soren: I think I might catch up on a few vacation days.
Paige: I think that's great, Søren. You've deserved it.
Edvard: Any particular reason?
Soren: I make her laugh!

The Prince and Me (2004)
Soren: Good heavens!
[as he enters the dorm room]
Soren: I thought you had to be convicted of a crime before you lived somewhere like this.
Eddie: Well it's not that bad. Plus, we haven't seen the rest of it yet.
[opens closet door]
Soren: Apparently, this is the rest of it.
Eddie: Well I like it. And I'll even let you have first choice of the beds.
Soren: Ooo, heavens, which stained mattress shall I choose?
Scotty: [enters, coughing, sniffling, and clearing throat] You the new guys? I'm Scotty. All right, all my food's labeled, so I'll know if you ate anything. I'm allergic to dairy, shellfish, red meat, melon, nuts, and kiwi, so don't bring any of that stuff around here.
[sits down at computer]
Scotty: The X-box is off limits. If you screw up any of my high scores, I'll blind you with my laser pointer.

Soren: The chances of a relationship between yourself and Miss Paige are not promising. You two are of a completely different caliber.
Eddie: Soren, just cause she isn't royalty doesn't mean she's not important.
Soren: The higher caliber I was referring to, sir, was hers.

Soren: [Eddie enters the dormroom where Soren is hooked playing the XBox] Whoa.
Scotty: [to Eddie] He's been like this since I got here yesterday.
Soren: Whoa.
Scotty: [jumps to take back the console] Give it back!
Soren: Back off Clearisil!
[Scotty jumps backs to where he was]

Soren: Miss Paige, the Queen would like to see you immediately.
[Soren and Paige walk down hallway to the Queen's office]
Soren: Don't worry. I'll be by your side the entire time.
[Soren and Paige enter the Queen's office]
Queen: Soren, get out.
Soren: Yes, Your Majesty.
[backs off]
Paige: Thanks.
[Soren exits the Queen's office and closes the doors]

Soren: [showing Paige around the palace. She gasps in awe as they enter a room] And this is where we keep the mops.

Paige: Do you think the people are gonna mind if I'm going to be their queen and all I've seen is the airport?
Soren: No.

The Prince & Me 3: A Royal Honeymoon (2008) (V)
Paige Morgan: Søren, who else knows where we are going?
Soren: Oh, apart from everyone?