Lew Ashby
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Lew Ashby (Character)
from "Californication" (2007)

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"Californication: No Way to Treat a Lady (#2.3)" (2008)
Trixie: Hank Moody, my hero. Just say the word if you want to be properly rewarded. My treat of course.
Lew Ashby: Seriously? You'd comb him?
Trixie: Sure, why not? I've sampled the merchandise I know it's fresh.
Hank Moody: I do remember you telling me that you never came that hard with a John before. Thought it was a line but as you walked away your knees were a little wobbly so I thought maybe, yeah maybe...
Lew Ashby: Hold on, slow down, are you saying he's fucking better than me?
Hank Moody: Fucking better at the fucking yes, I believe that's what's she's getting at.
Trixie: No, that is not what what I'm getting at. Please, what a stupid question. Are the Stones better than the Beatles?
Lew Ashby: Fucking A they are!
Hank Moody: I must agree with the man.

"Californication: La Ronde (#2.9)" (2008)
Lew Ashby: Life is just too fucking boring not to try.