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Martin Chuzzlewit (Character)
from "Martin Chuzzlewit" (1964)

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"Martin Chuzzlewit: Episode Six (#1.6)" (1994)
Old Martin Chuzzlewit: The curse of this family is the love of self. It always has been. I see it now on some of your faces. There is a kind of selfishness which is always on the watch for selfishness in others and keeping others at a distance by suspicions and distrusts wonders why they do not approach and do not confide. God forgive me I did not see it in myself.

Old Martin Chuzzlewit: I have made a new will. Every person in this room except Pecksniff will be named as a beneficiary for a minimum of £50. Anyone who addresses a single word to me on the subject of money from this time forth immediately forfeits his or her right to a legacy. Some who have been stalwart and selfless friends to Martin and Mary will receive much more generous bequests. Mr Tapley and Mrs Lupin - who I understand is soon to change her name to Tapley. Mr Pinch. Tom Pinch, whom I misjudged at first but whose goodness acted like summer rain upon my heart during my long confinement at Pecksniff's. Mrs Todgers has been rewarded for her kindness to Mrs Chuzzlewit. Mercy herself I propose to take under my own protection. The bulk of my estate goes to my grandson Martin, on condition he marries my ward Mary.

Tom Pinch: [reading a letter from Augustus Moddle to Charity Pecksniff] "By the time you read this, the undersigned will be, if not a corpse, on a ship bound for Tasmania. Send none in pursuit for I will not be taken alive. I love another, she is another's. Everything seems to be someone else's. Oh Miss Pecksniff, why would you not leave me alone? But I will not judge, may the furniture make some amends."
Old Martin Chuzzlewit: Furniture? Does he mean future?
Tom Pinch: No sir, I believe the allusion is to a four-poster bed. "Farewell, be the bride of a ducal coronet and forget me. Unalterably, never yours, Augustus".

"Martin Chuzzlewit: Episode Five (#1.5)" (1994)
Young Martin Chuzzlewit: [oh hearing that Pecksniff has been pestering Miss Graham] I'll horsewhip the villain, I'll do it now.