Traci Levine
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Traci Levine (Character)
from Latter Days (2003)

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Latter Days (2003)
[chastising a major actress]
Traci Levine: Thank God she's leaving!
Andrew: Can you believe Entertainment Weekly called her "the new sweetheart of American cinema?"
Traci Levine: That cunt? She made Julie take my table because she thought I hadn't bathed recently - like she should talk. Did you see her eat?
Andrew: Yeah. Did you check out her legs? Now I know why they call 'em calves.
Christian Markelli: I bet after sex, she smokes a ham.
[Lila appears]
Lila Montagne: Darling, give me a glass of Cuvée. I do hope we're not speaking disparagingly about our clientele. Gossip is so ignoble, especially regarding those less fortunate.
Traci Levine: Less fortunate, that bitch?
Andrew: You know somethin', tell!
Lila Montagne: No, I would never... tell tales such as... with the frequency she does it, the poor child must think that binging and purging are aerobic exercise.
Christian Markelli: She hardly looks bulimic!
Lila Montagne: Yes, if I were a different sort, I'd suggest a little more of the purging and a little less of the binging.