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Alesha Phillips (Character)
from "Law & Order: UK" (2009)

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"Law & Order: UK: Alesha (#1.7)" (2009)
Alesha Phillips: I know the difference between being examined and being assaulted. Unless you don't believe me.
Ronnie Brooks: Oh, don't be daft. 'Course we believe you.
Natalie Chandler: We're on your side, okay?
Alesha Phillips: It's going to be hard to prove.
Matt Devlin: Hey, it's never stopped us before.

James Steel: We don't have enough of a case. I'm sorry, no other women have come forward. They're probably too scared to speak out.
Ronnie Brooks: Which is what he relies on.
Alesha Phillips: He'll do it again. He won't stop. And what if he goes further next time?
James Steel: Alesha.
Alesha Phillips: What if he already has?
James Steel: If no one speaks out...
Alesha Phillips: James, I spoke out!
James Steel: All I have is your word against his. There's his reputation.
Alesha Phillips: Oh, why would a Harley Street doctor want to touch up a black girl from Hackney?
James Steel: You're making this personal.
Alesha Phillips: It is personal, James, I was the one lying there!
James Steel: I am as angry as you are.
Alesha Phillips: Trust me, you're not.

"Law & Order: UK: Broken (#3.1)" (2010)
Kim Sharkey: [about Rose Shaw] You want to put her in hospital?
James Steel: Don't you? Rose needs treatment.
Kim Sharkey: [scoffs] Thanks, but, no thanks.
James Steel: Well, I'm giving your client a way out of a murder charge.
Alesha Phillips: Surely it's in Rose's best interests to have someone try and fix her.
Kim Sharkey: The child's a monster. I doubt anyone could fix her. You're only offering a deal because you're worried I'm going to win.
James Steel: You couldn't care less what's best for Rose, you just don't want to give up your 15 minutes.
Kim Sharkey: Cases like this come along once in a lifetime, James. They're career-makers.
James Steel: This isn't a shortcut to silk, Kim, it's a child's life!
Kim Sharkey: Do calm down, James, or you'll be comparing ulcers with George.

Julie Reid: I saw this woman on the, uh, the news last night, and she said Rose Shaw was Satan reborn, they should bring back hanging just for her. I've never heard so much hate in someone's voice.
George Castle: Well, public feeling is very strong.
Julie Reid: All these flowers on the estate, sackloads of cards everyday, like they all knew him. All of them, out there, feeding off my boy's death. Lettin' it take over their lives. It's like they need it. The funny thing is, all I want, yeah? All I need is to let it go.
James Steel: The trial can help you do that.
Julie Reid: Sending her to prison won't help me. It won't bring my boy back.
Alesha Phillips: Most victims' families find it gives them a sense of closure.
Julie Reid: Closure? This ain't closure. This is revenge. No, that little girl don't deserve it. She's been through enough. We live on the same estate. I know what goes on in there.
George Castle: She broke the law in the most terrible way.
Julie Reid: She's a child! What, you want to hide her behind a 10-foot wall so that no one has to look at her? No one has to ask her wha- who's really responsible for Conor's death? No. No, no, it's too easy.
James Steel: Prosecuting kids is never easy.
Julie Reid: My Conor, he used to- he liked to draw them pictures, you know, the ones where you put the paint through the straws. He loved dogs.
Julie Reid: That's how I want to remember him. My happy little boy. I don't want my memories clouded by hate. I mean, would you want your son brought up in a world with no hope? You can't- you can't save Conor, but you can save her. Yeah, you can- you can give Rosie Shaw a life.
George Castle: You can forgive her?
Julie Reid: I hate what she did with every- every bone in my body! But... but I'm a mum, you know? I can't hate a child. You say you represent me, then this is what you do: you make Conor's life mean something, yeah? You find out why she did it and you get that little girl help.

"Law & Order: UK: Samaritan (#2.1)" (2009)
Alesha Phillips: Can I just remind you that we owe our whole existence to a good relationship with the police? If we go after this, I will have to explain to the DPP exactly why we are committing institutional suicide.
George Castle: So we never prosecute police because we need their goodwill?
Alesha Phillips: No, correction, we never prosecute anyone unless we have a rock-solid case, and manslaughter-gross negligence is one hell of a leap.

George Castle: Can I just remind you that we owe our whole existence to a good relationship with the police? If we go after this, I will have to explain to the DPP exactly why we are committing institutional suicide.
Alesha Phillips: So we never prosecute police because we need their goodwill?
George Castle: No, correction, we never prosecute anyone unless we have a rock-solid case, and manslaughter-gross negligence is one hell of a leap.

"Law & Order: UK: Confession (#3.4)" (2010)
Alesha Phillips: Another satisfied member of the James Steel fan club. What do you that winds these people up?
James Steel: Oh you know... breathe.

Alesha Phillips: Book an ambulance James, because George is SO going to have an aneurysm.

"Law & Order: UK: Honour Bound (#2.6)" (2009)
Dickie Grant: Whatever DS Alan Spector did or did not confess while I was representing him is privileged information.
Alesha Phillips: A police officer's career is on the line. Give me an off-the-record confirmation, I'd owe you one.
Dickie Grant: As the most beautiful girl I've met this week, or as Crown Prosecutor?
Alesha Phillips: Prosecutor.
Dickie Grant: The gods taunt me again.

Alesha Phillips: How hard did you try, James?
James Steel: I'm sorry?
Alesha Phillips: Well, you didn't push him, did you? He gave you the answer you wanted. You wanted him on trial all along.
James Steel: Uh, I did what George sent me to do. Am I happy to be prosecuting Jimmy Valentine? Yeah, he's a policeman who shot a civilian.
Alesha Phillips: So we make an example of him, rather than let police gain crucial intelligence on a major drug baron?
James Steel: The police want corruption held to account. You ask Matt and Ronnie. They want Valentine in court. I'm doing this for them.
Alesha Phillips: What if we lose? Valentine walks free, and we've gained nothing.
James Steel: I won't lose. It's time. Are you with me?

"Law & Order: UK: Community Service (#2.3)" (2009)
[last lines]
James Steel: Evil triumphs when good men do nothing. That includes juries.
Alesha Phillips: Come on, I don't think Harry Morgan's evil. He got pushed too far. He made a mistake.
James Steel: And he's gone unpunished.
Harry Morgan: [approaching] So, the system finally came through. For me.
James Steel: Do you expect me to congratulate you?
Harry Morgan: [walking away] Let's hope that Kirk stays away this time. Because if he comes back, I'll do it again.

Harry Morgan: Look, why am I having to defend myself? And why do you people always take their side?
Alesha Phillips: Whose side?
Harry Morgan: The inadequates! The people who can't function in society. What about my rights? And I'm not a bigot. I'm an architect. I read The Guardian, for crying out loud.
Alesha Phillips: Look, I understand how desperate you must feel.
Harry Morgan: No, you don't.
Harry Morgan: My son hates me because Kirk got inside his head and turned him against me, and he has made my life a living nightmare.

"Law & Order: UK: Unloved (#1.2)" (2009)
James Steel: [about Beatrice McArdle ] I know her; she's up to something. That defence is way too simple.
George Castle: Just because you two used to do the headboard shuffle, doesn't mean that you have any insight into how she runs her defences, nowadays.
Alesha Phillips: What, you and her?
James Steel: Yeah, it was a long time ago. Thanks for that, George.

Alesha Phillips: McArdle's asked for the jury to be discharged. She's changed the basis of her plea.
George Castle: She's put in an application?
Alesha Phillips: For a retrial. The new defence she's running is that Jono is not guilty by reason of mental defect.
George Castle: [laughing] What? She'll never make it home on an insanity defence.
Alesha Phillips: She's not saying he's insane. She's running non-insane automatism, an involuntary act committed while not conscious of actions taken. Most of Jono's blood relatives are in prison. Her defence is that Jono is genetically predisposed to violent behaviour.
James Steel: [scoffing] Oh, she can't run that. It's outrageous. We'd have every criminal in the country making the same case. What's she playing at?
George Castle: "Don't blame me, blame my genes." It's bold, I'll give her that. But let's not panic. No sane judge would let that get beyond a hearing. So, who did we draw?
Alesha Phillips: Uh, Judge DeMarco.
George Castle: Oh, God. Let's panic.

"Law & Order: UK: Anonymous (#3.7)" (2010)
Alesha Phillips: [after James' aggressive cross-examination of Matt] You didn't have to go that far.
James Steel: I went as far as I needed to.
Alesha Phillips: Matt Devlin is a good police officer.
James Steel: Not today. Today he was collateral damage.

"Law & Order: UK: Love and Loss (#2.5)" (2009)
[Central London Revenue Office, Hammersmith W14, Thursday 19th November]
Una McGladdery: Fantastic. This is the reason I joined. All I want is mountains of paperwork.
Alesha Phillips: So what should we be looking for?
Una McGladdery: You don't "look" for anything. Be the paper, become the numbers. First rule of tax forms? Everybody lies. Second rule of tax forms: everybody gets found out eventually, usually by me.
James Steel: What do you need.
Una McGladdery: [to James Steel] Guns.
Una McGladdery: [to Alesha Phillips] Lots of guns.
[a pause as Alesha's slight smile abruptly fades]
Una McGladdery: Only jokin'. More floor space. Three current businesses, several failed ventures: this guy's been in business since 1994. He started filing his online returns in 2005. I can handle those. Pre-that, it's paper, and you need a lot more floor space.
James Steel: Ah. Consider it done.
Una McGladdery: [hefting two heavy-duty staplers and clicking them as if they're guns, a la Trinity] Let's get to work.

"Law & Order: UK: Care (#1.1)" (2009)
Alesha Phillips: Looking back through Turner's files, on his last assault charge, he was offered to deal down to a year in prison if he gave up Maureen Walters. He didn't bite.
Senior Crown Prosecutor James Steel: So he went to prison rather than give evidence against his boss? That's some loyalty.
Alesha Phillips: Because she's not his boss. Mike Turner is a silent partner in the whole company. All of those buildings, they own them together. Their property portfolio must be worth nearly £5 million.
CPS Director George Castle: While a child dies in squalor in one of their flats.
Senior Crown Prosecutor James Steel: So Maureen Walters must've known exactly what Mike Turner was doing. They must've hatched the plan together to get the tenants out. She's culpable.
Alesha Phillips: Mmm-hmm.
Senior Crown Prosecutor James Steel: We go after Maureen Walters. As head of the company, the buck stops with her. We put her in the dock...
CPS Director George Castle: Now, now, just hold on a second. If they're partners, then they will deny everything in unison. We have to be more pragmatic.
Senior Crown Prosecutor James Steel: But surely it's worth...
CPS Director George Castle: No trial. We get Turner and Walters to plead guilty to a lesser charge.
Alesha Phillips: George, a baby was killed. Dionne Farrah's life has been destroyed.
CPS Director George Castle: And this way, we convict those responsible.
Alesha Phillips: The most they could get would be a couple of months in prison. They could even walk out of court with fines for a child's death. That's a disgrace.
Senior Crown Prosecutor James Steel: George is right. A trial is no guarantee of success. I'd rather see them convicted of something than walk free of everything.