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Deidra Harris (Character)
from Fireproof (2008)

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Fireproof (2008)
Latasha Brown: Honey, I agree with you. You gotta get out. He don't deserve you.
Deidra Harris: You can say that again. A real man's got to be a hero to his wife before he can be to anybody else, or he ain't a real man.
Ashley Phillips: Catherine, do you need a place to stay? I can't imagine living in the same house as that man.
Catherine Holt: No, I decided last night that I am not the one who's leaving. He's the problem, not me.
Deidra Harris: That's right, girl, stand your ground. Make him respect you. If there's one thing a man understands...
Caleb Holt: [Cuts to Caleb and Michael, discussing the same situation] It's respect. That's the issue. That's the reason our marriage is failing. She shows me no respect at all. And the saddest part about it is...
Catherine Holt: [Cuts back to Catherine and her group of friends] He doesn't have a clue. He thinks our marriage has been fine for the most part. You know, he probably thinks...
Caleb Holt: [Cuts to Caleb and Michael] Our marriage has been fine until this year. Now all of a sudden she goes off the deep end.
Michael Simmons: Do you really think this happened all of a sudden?
Caleb Holt: I don't know what to think. I don't understand her. She's emotional about everything, she's easily offended, and way too sensitive.
Catherine Holt: [Cuts to Catherine, starting to sob] I mean, he's so insensitive. You know, he doesn't truly care how I feel, he doesn't listen to me. Even if I say it over and over and over again.
Caleb Holt: [Cuts to Caleb and Michael] And then she starts nagging me and saying I don't listen to her, or something like that. It drives me crazy. I feel like I'm going...
Catherine Holt: [Cuts to Catherine] Insane. You know, he doesn't understand my needs. It feels like we are completely and totally...
Caleb Holt: [Cuts to Caleb and Michael] Incompatible. She's probably whining to her friends, making me sound like a criminal. I can see them all right now: crying, having some sort of group hug.
Latasha Brown: [Cuts back to the women crowded round Catherine, comforting her, giving her a group hug] It's gonna be okay, sweetie. It's gonna be all right.
Ashley Phillips: You'll get through this.
Deidra Harris: We have your back. Whatever you want. Whatever you need. Whatever you need.
Michael Simmons: [Cuts to Caleb and Michael] So, you think it's past the point of no return?
Caleb Holt: I don't have a reason to return.