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Juanita Perez Lane (Character)
from Black Moon (1934)

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Black Moon (1934)
John Macklin: The voodoo drums are going. They started when the natives found out that you were coming back. For the first time in years, there was a sacrifice that night.
Juanita Perez Lane: Well, you don't mean to tell me that my coming has anything to do with the voodoo drums?

Juanita Perez Lane: Orders! Who is he to give me orders?
John Macklin: He's only the man who saved you from a living death. Those natives never thanked him for sending you away from the island and they've never forgotten it.
Juanita Perez Lane: Neither have I.
John Macklin: How can you say that? You've a fine husband and a beautiful child. She looks just as you did - before that black woman Ruva got hold of you and filled you with the sound of the drums and the sight of blood. Poisoned you with the voodoo!

Juanita Perez Lane: The past is dead! The natives have forgotten long ago.
Dr. Raymond Perez: The natives never forget!

Dr. Raymond Perez: You know that no natives except the servants are allowed into the house!
Juanita Perez Lane: He's a holy man. A priest. Their leader. He's above any servant! I've known him since I was a child.
Dr. Raymond Perez: Then, let him remain in the hills where he belongs. If I ever find him in this house ever again, I'll have him whipped!

Juanita Perez Lane: Why are you staring at me, Stephen? You look as though you've seen a ghost!