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Quotes for
Max Normane (Character)
from Novel Romance (2006)

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Novel Romance (2006)
Liza Normane Stewart: Hey, what the fuck's going on in here?
Jake Buckley, Max Normane: [embarrassed] We just...
Jake Buckley: She needed help. What are you doing here?
Liza Normane Stewart: Not using a piece of tape as a flimsy excuse to grab my sister's tits, that's for sure!
Max Normane: He was helping me with the fucking braza! Maybe if you'd been here on time instead of searching for your identity and get another bottle of peroxyde, you could have perhaps helped me instead!
Jake Buckley: What's really going on here?
Liza Normane Stewart, Max Normane: She knows!

Max Normane: Jake!
Jake Buckley: Max!
Liza Normane Stewart: Jake *Jake*?
Max Normane: [nods yes]
Jake Buckley: My Emma?
Liza Normane Stewart: [to Emma] Oh... Come on Emma let's go wash your hands, okay sweetheart?

Max Normane: [to Jake] A child needs two parents who coexist better than streptococs and amoxicillin!

Max Normane: So because you can't have children, I'm not suppose to have one?
Liza Normane Stewart: No, you're not suppose to have children because you are a single, self-centered, manipulative workaholic, who once this novelty of the semi-domestic existence grows old, will be spitting out venom and killing her own like a cobra!
Max Normane: Very vivid, but technically inaccurate. Cobras are actually quite maternal.

Max Normane: I noticed that there are no women in this unpublished story. Do you have mother issues or something?
Jake Buckley: Well, I know enough not to want to sleep with her.