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Filmography by TV series for
Lin (Character)
from Fist of the North Star: New Saviour Legend (2006)

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"Fist of the North Star 2" (42 episodes)
... aka "Hokuto no Ken 2" - Japan (original title)
  1. Here Is the 2,000 Year-Old History of the Main Family of the North Star! (4 February 1987)  
  2. The Past Is Gone. The Dawn of the New Age!! (12 March 1987)  
  3. When Will He Awaken?! (19 March 1987)  
  4. The Savior Comes from the North! (26 March 1987)  
  5. The Mysterious Bounty Hunter, Ein! Kenshiro's Head is Mine! (2 April 1987)  
  6. Another Art of Assassination! The Imperial Fist of the Source Star Is the Name! (9 April 1987)  
  7. Rage of the Celestial Emperor! Falco, Obliterate the North Star from Earth! (23 April 1987)  
  8. The Wrath of the South Star! The Illustrious Harn Brothers! (7 May 1987)  
  9. Ein in Danger! Hands of Evil Reach for His Love! (14 May 1987)  
  10. Falco, the Brave General of the Source Star! There Lies the Shadow of Raoh... (28 May 1987)  
  11. The Emperor's Cries Echoes Through the Imperial Capital. Falco, Where Have You Gone? (4 June 1987)  
  12. The Celestial Emperor Is Finally Revealed (11 June 1987)  
  13. An Elegy for Ein! Die Bravely Than Live Without Honor! (25 June 1987)  
  14. The Fall of the Imperial Capital! Jakoh, You Can Dream in Hell! (9 July 1987)  
  15. What Awaits on the Continent of Darkness? There Lies the Legendary Land of Asura!! (23 July 1987)  
  16. Good or Evil? The Mysterious North Star Lapis Lazuli Fist Appears! (30 July 1987)  
  17. Love is Preached in the Century's End! Her Name Is Leia!! (13 August 1987)  
  18. The General of Asura, Han! The Man Who Stains White Snow Into Crimson! (20 August 1987)  
  19. The Legend of the Savior of Asura! His Name Is Raoh! (27 August 1987)  
  20. Kenshiro's Secret Is Revealed! The Land of Asura Is His Motherland! (3 September 1987)  
  21. A Cruel Prophecy! Kenshiro, You Cannot Be the Savior! (10 September 1987)  
  22. Rock, the Hero on Horseback! I Don't Believe in Kenshiro! (17 September 1987)  
  23. Men Beyond Reasons! The Band of Seven Attacks Kenshiro!! (24 September 1987)  
  24. Rock's Message of Death! Kenshiro, Hang on to Your Friend's Life! (1 October 1987)  
  25. Announcing the Creator of the New Century! My Name is Demon Kaioh! (8 October 1987)  
  26. The Seal of the Devil! 2000 Year Tragedy of the North Star Is Revealed (15 October 1987)  
  27. Little Brother Ken in Danger! Hyoh, Open Up Your Kind Soul! (22 October 1987)  
  28. Kenshiro on the Execution Stand! The Heaven Has Unleashed the God of the Sea! (29 October 1987)  
  29. Kaioh's Declaration of Victory! The Phantom of the North Star Attacks!! (5 November 1987)  
  30. A Destined Encounter of Hyoh and Ken! Both Are Yet to Know Their Secrets! (12 November 1987)  
  31. Kaioh's Evil Decision! Cold Blood Runs Through My Body! (19 November 1987)  
  32. Kenshiro's Challenge! Never Be Defeated Twice! (26 November 1987)  
  33. The Tyrant Hyoh and His Sorrowful Aide! Who Will Stop Him Now?! (3 December 1987)  
  34. The Battle of the Blood Brothers! Tears Will Never Return to Hyoh (10 December 1987)  
  35. The North Star on the Brink of Death! Kaioh Reaches Out for the Celestial Emperor! (17 December 1987)  
  36. Tearful Reunion of the Brothers! Kenshiro, I've Been Waiting for You! (24 December 1987)  
  37. Shachi's Battle for Love! Kaioh Will Ridicule with Laughter (7 January 1988)  
  38. The Fall of Shachi, Warrior of Love! Love is Everything, My Friends! (14 January 1988)  
  39. Tragic Victim of Love! Kaioh's Foundation of Evil! (21 January 1988)  
  40. Kaioh's Disgraceful Past! The Heaven Recreate's Lin's Destiny! (28 January 1988)  
  41. A Third Man Appears to Determine Lin's Fate! (11 February 1988)  
  42. Farewell, Kenshiro! Farewell, the Divine Fist of the North Star! (18 February 1988)  
"Fist of the North Star" (68 episodes)
... aka "Hokuto no Ken" - Japan (original title)
... aka "Ken, the Great Bear Fist" - Japan (English title) (literal English title)
  1. God or Devil?! The Mightiest Man Appears from Hell (11 October 1984)  
  2. The Zankei Death Blow!! Lights Appeared at the End!! (11 October 1984)  
  3. Punches Are Burning on a Dark Street! Five Fingered Explosive Burst!! (18 October 1984)  
  4. Attack Bloody Cross!! The Secret Punch by Soft Strikes (25 October 1984)  
  5. The Flame of Love in Hell. You're Already Dead!! (3 November 1984)  
  6. The evil's plan. Attacking the man with 4 scars! (15 November 1984)  
  7. Villains! Countdown to death (22 November 1984)  
  8. Rip into the Nerve Cells! No Requiem for the Bad Guys (29 November 1984)  
  9. Criminals! Pray before you die!! (6 December 1984)  
  10. Flame death blow! Too many people should die!! (13 December 1984)  
  11. Villains!! Listen to the requiem from Hell!! (20 December 1984)  
  12. I am the God of Death!! I'll chase you to the ends of Hell!! (10 January 1985)  
  13. The arhat deva fist! The endless killing!! (17 January 1985)  
  14. These grieving times! Many kind people die too early!! (24 January 1985)  
  15. I count to three! You are the one who is dead!! (31 January 1985)  
  16. Try to Sing, Villains! The Counting Rhyme of Hell!! (7 February 1985)  
  17. Fight if you are a man! The guts of Confrontation Have Opened! (14 February 1985)  
  18. Life or Death!? At the End of the Wilderness Lies the First Street of Hell! (21 February 1985)  
  19. Damn! Get Ready to Die!! (28 February 1985)  
  20. Nightmarish Full-Scale War! My Fists Pack One Million Volts! (7 March 1985)  
  21. The Palace Is on Fire! Shin! I'm Close to Finding You!! (14 March 1985)  
  22. Julia Forever... As Well as Shin! (21 March 1985)  
  23. Stormy Times. Titanic Battles! Is Battle All That Awaits Me?! (28 March 1985)  
  24. Nanto Suichoken! The Tragedy of the Mighty Begins! (4 April 1985)  
  25. Sinners! Thy Name Is Fang! (11 April 1985)  
  26. Tremble & Die! Villains of Night Fog Valley! (18 April 1985)  
  27. It's Too Late to Beg for Mercy! To Hell with You, Boss Fang! (16 May 1985)  
  28. Destiny Looms Near! Who Are You, Jagi?! (30 May 1985)  
  29. Toki! Are You Angel or Devil?! (4 July 1985)  
  30. Evil One! Toki, Your Heart Has Been Corrupted!! (11 July 1985)  
  31. There Is No Looking Back! Only Hating Evil, and Striking Toki Down! (18 July 1985)  
  32. Instead, I Shall Reject Love! For I Bear the Cursed Star of Death! (25 July 1985)  
  33. The North Star's 2,000-Year Tragedy! I Can Hear the Fist King's Footsteps! (22 August 1985)  
  34. The Death Omen Star Shines! Fist King, Do You Control Even Death?! (19 September 1985)  
  35. Those Who Fear the Reaper! Listen to the Voice of Lin's Fiery Heart! (26 September 1985)  
  36. Voices from Hell! Rei, Did You See the Death Omen Star? (10 October 1985)  
  37. The Nanto Dance of Death! I'll Give My Life for the Sake of Love! (17 October 1985)  
  38. An Explosion of Secret Techniques! Beyond Hatred Is the Fate for the Brothers of the North Star (24 October 1985)  
  39. The Greatest Battle in History, Raoh vs Ken! You're the One to Die! (31 October 1985)  
  40. 72 Hours to Live! The Death Omen Star Drags Rei In! (7 November 1985)  
  41. Fate Without Tomorrow! And Yet, a Woman Believes in Love! (14 November 1985)  
  42. Yuda of the South Star Six Sacred Fists! I'm the Most Beautiful!! (21 November 1985)  
  43. Death Omen Star Is Falling! Rei! Heaven Tricks Time Cruelly! (28 November 1985)  
  44. Rei, Are You on Your Way to Death? A Man Is Beautiful Than Ever! (12 December 1985)  
  45. Beautiful Warriors, Rei vs Yuda! A Man's Passage Needs No Tears! (19 December 1985)  
  46. Farewell, Rei! Heroic Legend Will Be Told Throughout the Ages! (26 December 1985)  
  47. Supreme Rule in Turbulence! As the South Star Fades, the North Star Appears! (9 January 1986)  
  48. The Star of Darkness Engulfs the Heavens! Time Evolves Beyond the Deathmatch! (16 January 1986)  
  49. Shu of the South Star White Heron Fist! What Will You Witness in the End of This Century!? (23 January 1986)  
  50. Love on the Battlefield! Must the Time Tear Love Apart!? (30 January 1986)  
  51. I am Souther, the Holy Emperor! I Disallow Love and Compassion! (6 February 1986)  
  52. A Young Hero Challenges His Fate! Scream from Your Soul Shall Move the Heavens! (13 February 1986)  
  53. A Bloody Battle, Shu vs Souther! Love, Drowned in the Tears of the Star of Benevolence! (20 February 1986)  
  54. The Bloody Cross Mausoleum! Shu! I'll Catch Your Tears with My Heart! (27 February 1986)  
  55. Run Kenshiro! Another Comrade is About to Die!! (6 March 1986)  
  56. Clash of the Polar Stars, Ken vs. Souther! My Star Is the Only Protector of Heaven! (13 March 1986)  
  57. Souther, the Despondent Holy Emperor! You Are Weary from Love! (20 March 1986)  
  58. Critical Times of the North Star! The Three Brothers of Fate Are on the Move (27 March 1986)  
  59. The Other Divine Fist of the North Star! Drive Raoh to Oblivion!! (3 April 1986)  
  60. The Secret of Origin Revealed! The Heaven Prefers Tragedy! (10 April 1986)  
  61. Farewell, Toki! A Man Only Cries Once! (17 April 1986)  
  62. An Iron Fist for the Roaring Wolf! Toki Is in Danger! (5 June 1986)  
  63. Conclusion of Part Three: Let the New Age Awaken! The Wolf's Howl Moves the Heaven! (12 June 1986)  
  64. Shin of the South Star Sacred Fist! Risked Your Life for Love That Never Will! (26 June 1986)  
  65. Rei of the South Star Waterfowl Fist! Was a Man Who Died for His Friends!! (10 July 1986)  
  66. Yuda of the South Star Crimson Crane Fist! His Beautiful Smile Calls for Tragedy! (17 July 1986)  
  67. Shu of the South Star White Heron Fist! The Heaven Only Bestows Cruel Destinies (24 July 1986)  
  68. Holy Emperor Souther! Your Deep Affection Consumes You in Love! (31 July 1986)