Dorcas Lane
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Dorcas Lane (Character)
from "Lark Rise to Candleford" (2008)

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"Lark Rise to Candleford: Episode #4.1" (2011)
[Dorcas and Minnie are watching Gabriel Cochrane working in the forge]
Minnie: Ma'am, he is a "man" man, isn't he?
Dorcas Lane: If, by that, you mean Mr Cochrane is manly, then yes, he has a certain presence about him.
Minnie: Men are better when they're men, aren't they, Ma'am?
Dorcas Lane: There is an advantage, to a woman's eye, when a man has a certain... potency about him, yes.
Minnie: Do you like men who are men, Ma'am?
Dorcas Lane: I *am* a woman.
Minnie: Do you like Mr Cochrane, Ma'am?
Dorcas Lane: Minnie, I think this conversation has gone far enough. Sometimes you forget the bounds of your station.
Minnie: But don't you think he'll want a new wife, Ma'am?
Dorcas Lane: Minnie, that is enough. Mr Cochrane is still grieving his loss. You must not think such thoughts, and you must certainly never mention such insensitivities. Keep to your place, girl.
Minnie: [contritely] Yes, Ma'am.

"Lark Rise to Candleford: Episode #3.1" (2010)
Margaret Ellison: Every night, Thomas is possessed over the idea that we must endeavour. He wakes. He wakes me. We must endeavour together.
Dorcas Lane: Every night?
Margaret Ellison: Sometimes eight or nine times in a night. He can't seem to help himself!
Dorcas Lane: Goodness! That is beyond the call of duty...
Margaret Ellison: Thomas feels that we cannot have too much prayer.
Dorcas Lane: Oh, prayer. Oh I see, and with so much prayer I wonder if there's enough time for the real endeavour.