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Edmund Timmins (Character)
from "Lark Rise to Candleford" (2008)

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"Lark Rise to Candleford: Episode #1.8" (2008)
[new schoolteacher James Delafield has offered to run special evening classes in the pub to allow farm labourers' children to work on the land during the day. Edmund Timmins wants to take advantage of this]
Emma Timmins: No! No! I said no! A couple of hours at the Wagon and Horses might be good enough for boys who are going to end up on the land, but not for you.
Edmund Timmins: What's wrong with the land? Folks have got to have food and somebody's got to grow it?
Emma Timmins: I want *more* for you. I want better.
Edmund Timmins: What if I don't?
Emma Timmins: You will go to school in the proper way. And you will pass your Standard Four exam. And you will stop arguing.
Edmund Timmins: Very well, Mother. I'll stay in school and I'll pass my exams. And I'll be the best damn qualified ploughboy in England.
[Emma stares open-mouthed at Edmund as he storms off]
Robert Timmins: I'll make him pay for using language to you, but by Christ, Emma, you deserve it. You tell *me* I can't have an opinion on Laura's life, and then... Don't ever try to tell a man how to live, not under his own roof - not him and not me!