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Robbie Sinclair (Character)
from "Dinosaurs" (1991)

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"Dinosaurs: The Son Also Rises (#3.11)" (1993)
Earl: I won't be home for dinner, Roy and I are going down to the mall to cruise the food court...
Robbie: Isn't it a work night?
Earl: But Roy is going.
Robbie: Well I'm not Roy's father. Oh I see, you're testing me. Well I think you're at an age where you're mature enough to make your own decisions.
Earl: Oh cool. Have some wax lips.

Baby: Robbie. Um, tell me a story.
Robbie Sinclair: Life stinks, The End.

Earl Sinclair: I thought I told you to mow the lawn.
Robbie Sinclair: I told you, the lawn mower is broken.
Earl Sinclair: Scissors. Cut it with scissors.
Robbie Sinclair: Oh come on.
Earl Sinclair: Geez you kids have it too easy. When I was your age we didn't have lawn mowers, we didn't have scissors, we had to get down on all fours and graze like a cow.
Robbie Sinclair: Dad.
Earl Sinclair: Mooooo.

Robbie Sinclair: Dad, I'm here with a girl. It might help if you didn't make me look like the world's biggest weenie.
Earl Sinclair: Well pardon me, Mr. Dignified, I didn't mean to belittle you as you were about to hit the ball up the clown's pants.

Robbie Sinclair: Everyday it's the same thing. He comes home and says "Franny, get me a beer." And then he yells at me.
Earl Sinclair: Oh not true. Sometimes I yell at you first.

Man Over P.A.: Attention, Robbie Sinclair, your father is here.
Robbie: That's it, I'm gonna tell him where to get off this time.
Man Over P.A.: He looks really steamed.
Robbie: Gulp.

Robbie: Can I have a moment's peace? I was at work all day.
Fran Sinclair: Robbie, you are the supreme male. These are your responsibilities now. If you can't handle them, maybe you should turn them over to someone with more maturity.
Earl: [wearing goofy glasses] Whoa, Fran, I can see your underwear.

Fran Sinclair: The baby flushed his caveman doll down the toilet and now it's backed up.
Robbie: So?
Fran Sinclair: So, we don't have a working bathroom.
Robbie: We live in a forest! There's nothing BUT bathrooms! Trees and bushes as far as the eye can see!
Fran Sinclair: Fine, if you won't fix it, I'll just call a plumber.
Robbie: Oh no, you're not spending my hard-earned money on some over-priced wrench jockey.
Fran Sinclair: Robbie!

Robbie: [Robbie confronts Earl at the miniature golf course] I am fed up! I HAVE HAD IT! I can't take it anymore! There's bills... and... and the taxes... and the baby... and...
Roy Hess: Maybe we should let the next foursome play through.
Earl: [Robbie is crying] There, there, son. I know exactly what you're trying to say. You have had a rough time being supreme male, what with the job and the household and the responsibilities way past your years.
Robbie: And the baby... hit me on the head... with a big heavy...
Earl: Round thing, yeah. And you want me to take over again as head of the household so you can go back to being the carefree teenager again. Is that right?
Robbie: Yes, Daddy.
Earl: Well forget it! Now get off my lane, I'm putting for birdie.
Robbie: But you have to take over!
Earl: Not a chance! I'm having the time of my life and nothing's gonna make me give it up.
P.A. Announcer: Earl Sinclair, more bad news. Your wife's here.
Roy Hess: Gee, this really is a family fun center.

Robbie: Mommy, tell him to be supreme male again.
Earl: Can't make me.
Fran Sinclair: Alright, that's enough from both of you.
[to Earl]
Fran Sinclair: He can't handle the household, and it's time you started acting like an adult again.
Earl: Don't wanna!
Fran Sinclair: We're going right down to the Office of Male Supremecy and get you reinstated as head of the house.
Earl: [childishly] Why should I?

[Charlene stutters at Robbie; who is in a bad mood after his 30th day at work]
Robbie Sinclair: [annoyed] What?
Charlene Sinclair: Well, since you've been helping me with my homework, I've got a shot of getting my first B.
Robbie Sinclair: What is it?
Charlene Sinclair: So, I was wondering, could you help find the continent of Pangaea on this map?
[Charlene opens the map which shows the continent of Pangaea]
Robbie Sinclair: You're grounded for a week.
Charlene Sinclair: For what?
Robbie Sinclair: *Stupidity*!
Charlene Sinclair: You can't ground me for that!
Robbie Sinclair: Are we trying for a month?
Charlene Sinclair: Yeah, but...
[leaves in anger]
Charlene Sinclair: Oh, brothers! You are...
Robbie Sinclair: Hey, and shut that door! Do I have to air-condition the whole neighborhood?
[the door slams shut]

"Dinosaurs: Power Erupts (#2.15)" (1992)
Robbie Sinclair: I don't want your money.
Charlene Sinclair: I do.
B.P. Richfield: Smart girl. You must be very proud of your daughter.
Earl Sinclair: Oh yes, my daughter, very proud, all mine. My son, who knows? I was in babylon.

Robbie: Dad, this was supposed to be a big fun day and Mom's trying to kill it for all of us. Who's the boss around here?
Earl: Yeah. Fran?
Fran: [yelling] What?
Earl: She is.

Robbie: I want to win this fair and square.
Spike: How have you managed to stay alive so long?

Howard Handupme: [In Robbie's thoughts] And, on this unexpected holiday from school, thousands of very cool guys and totally hot babes spent the day frollicking in the ash. Having what many describe as "the MOST FUN EVER."
Robbie Sinclair: Alright, that's it. I'm going outside.
Fran Sinclair: [In Robbie's thoughts] I want you to stay in your room, finish that assignment, and have no fun for the rest of your life.
Robbie Sinclair: Isn't she terrific? My mother, ladies and gentlemen?
Earl Sinclair: [In Robbie's thoughts] How about a hand for the guy paying these heating bills?
Fran Sinclair: Earl, get out of Robbie's thoughts and pay those bills.
Earl Sinclair: Yes, dear. Sheesh.

Robbie Sinclair: Gee, Dad, I thought you loved the dome. You said it was going to make us rich.
Earl Sinclair: Yeah well now it's going to make us need plastic surgery and a relocation program.
Robbie Sinclair: You can't possibly believe that.
Baby: [wearing a disguise] Not the baby!

Robbie Sinclair: The competition looks pretty tough, why did you see Billy Melman's project where you clap and a lamp turns on? I mean THAT'S genius. How am I going to compete with that?
Spike: Oh, well you know Billy, he uses substandard material. You know, the kind that tend to shatter when broken over his head. Yo, Billy, let me see that lamp!

Robbie Sinclair: Dad, you're not being rational.
Earl Sinclair: Oh and I suppose the crazed mob on the front lawn isn't rational either?

Robbie Sinclair: [Trying to think up a science project] Let's see. Sneakers. What else? A pump. Sneakers with a pump in them.
[Thinks of a tire pump trying to pump up a sneaker]
Robbie Sinclair: Naw what a stupid idea.

"Dinosaurs: The Howling (#1.5)" (1991)
Earl: You ever come here again I'll feed you to my family!
Roy Hess: Yeah? Then I won't!
Earl: Good!
Roy Hess: Fine!
Earl: Fine!
Roy Hess: Good!
Robbie Sinclair: [reading from the book of dinosaurs] Only by howling do we defeat the dark spirit which will turn dinosaur... against dinosaur... oh!

Robbie Sinclair: What could possibly happen?
Kyle: Earthquake!
Gus: Flood!
Sid: Plagues!
Robbie Sinclair: This isn't the Dark Ages, this is 60 million B.C. Now why don't we try not howling for once? Nothing's going to happen.
[the moon disappears]

Robbie: How could not howling at the moon bring an end to our days on earth?
Earl: Because if you don't howl, I'll kill ya.

Robbie: This isn't the dark ages. This is 60,000,000 B.C.

"Dinosaurs: The Terrible Twos (#4.6)" (1994)
Robbie Sinclair: [Baby breaks the wooden train set that Robbie spent a year making] Um... I guess that clear varnish doesn't protect like it's supposed to.

Robbie Sinclair: [about Blarney] He's terrible, Mom. I can't imagine a worse role model for a child.
Earl Sinclair: [from other room] Ouch! Darn it. I hate you, you stupid toy!

Earl Sinclair: [presenting the toy car wrapped in paper] Son, this present is for good little boys, you can have it, as long as you promise to be good.
Baby Sinclair: [Faking Innocence] I'll be good... I promise.
[a golden halo appears on top of baby's head and a twinkle happens in his eye]
Fran Sinclair: It's not right, Earl, bribing a child to behave!
Earl Sinclair: ...and if it works?
Fran Sinclair: It's a short sighted, stop gap, quick fix solution...
Earl Sinclair: You don't have to sell me on it.
[Fran grunts irritably]
Earl Sinclair: Look son, a CAR!
Baby Sinclair: [Excited] A car, oh boy!
Robbie Sinclair: Gee Dad, you never bribed me with anything neat like that.
Earl Sinclair: You were never rotten enough to deserve it.

Blarney: [singing with kids named Jeff and Tim] Okay here we go. I am Blarney I love you. E-I-E-I-O. And if you're nice you'll love me, too. E-I-E-I-O.
Robbie Sinclair: Well, it does seem to have quiet him down a little.
Blarney: [still singing] With a love love here, and a love love there, here a love there a love, everywhere a love love.
Fran Sinclair: It's interesting, he strikes a chord with children. Something about Blarney inlooses the purest feelings of warmth and affection.
Baby Sinclair: [with a baby bottle on his slingshot] EAT GLASS, BLARNEY!
Blarney: [Launches the bottle at the TV] AAAAAHHHH!
Baby Sinclair: [TV blows up and Fran and Robbie were shocked in surprise] DIE SUM, DIE!
Robbie Sinclair: [as Baby cackles] Well, I gotta say, I'm with him.
Fran Sinclair: That does it! I am fed up with your bad behavior, you are going to your room!
Baby Sinclair: NO, I WANT PRESENTS!
Fran Sinclair: You are going to your room, there will be no more presents.
Earl Sinclair: It's present time!

"Dinosaurs: License to Parent (#3.8)" (1992)
Earl Sinclair: I have three kids, and I love them.
Robbie Sinclair: Hey, Dad.
Earl Sinclair: Shut up, I'm talking.

Robbie Sinclair: It's a long story.
Officer Bettleheim: I like stories. I like 'em just fine.

Charlene Sinclair: Oh, Officer Bettleheim?
Officer Bettleheim: What?
Charlene Sinclair: Did I mention Robbie scratched the car when he rammed into your motorcycle?
Robbie Sinclair: *You're dead*!
Officer Bettleheim: My... my *what*!

Robbie Sinclair: So, Dad, when do I get to take her for a spin?
Earl Sinclair: It's a new car, son, it's not mean to be driven.
Robbie Sinclair: But you just let Mom take it.
Earl Sinclair: Son, your mother is a capable, responsible...
[hears engine roar]
Earl Sinclair: WHAT? WAIT FOR ME!

"Dinosaurs: Family Challenge (#2.2)" (1991)
Robbie Sinclair: There is something I've been thinking about and I wouldn't mind hearing what the family thinks. I'm a little confused about the nature of reality.
Earl Sinclair: ...No kidding?
Robbie Sinclair: Right, like if a tree falls in the forest and nobody's around to see it or hear it, did it actually fall?
Fran Sinclair: Ooh, now that IS intriguing. Who can build on that?
[Earl gets up and heads out of the room]
Fran Sinclair: Where are you going?
Earl Sinclair: I'm going to see if the tree fell. I'll be back in a couple of days.
Fran Sinclair: If you leave this house, I will NEVER talk to you again.
Earl Sinclair: Throw in the rest of the family and you got yourself a deal.
[Fran gasps]

Earl Sinclair: As you can see, I have separated all known dinosaur wisedom into three catagories: Animal. Vegetable. Rocks.
Robbie Sinclair: What about fire?
Earl Sinclair: Vegetable.
Charlene Sinclair: What about water?
Earl Sinclair: Water is the opposite of fire, which we have previously established as a vegetable. What's the opppsite of a vegetable? Fruit. So, water is a fruit. Fruit is not a vegetable, so it has to be either an animal or a rock. We know it's not an animal, therefore, fruit is a rock.
Charlene Sinclair: Daddy, I asked you about water.

Earl Sinclair: Robbie, ask me another one.
Robbie Sinclair: Dad, you haven't gotten one right yet.
Earl Sinclair: I'm finding my rhythm. Go ahead, ask me. Ask me.
Robbie Sinclair: Okay, okay, what can fish do under water that dinosaurs can't?
Earl Sinclair: Sing.
Robbie Sinclair: Wrong. Breathe.
Earl Sinclair: We can't breathe under water? That stinks.

Earl Sinclair: As you can see, I have separated all known dinosaur wisdom into three categories: animal, vegetable, rocks.
Robbie Sinclair: Well, what about fire?
Earl Sinclair: Vegetable.
Charlene Sinclair: What about water?
Earl Sinclair: Water is the opposite of fire, which we have previously established as a vegetable. What's the opposite of a vegetable? Fruit. So, water is a fruit! Fruit is not a vegetable, so it has to be either an animal or a rock. We know it's not an animal. Therefore, fruit is a rock.

"Dinosaurs: Refrigerator Day (#2.12)" (1991)
Robbie Sinclair: [watching a holiday themed paint commercial on TV] Using Refrigerator Day to sell paint kind of cheapens the holiday, doesn't it?
Charlene Sinclair: Oh who's to say? That's one of those big confusing moral issues.

Robbie Sinclair: We could get the fridge back.
Charlene Sinclair: [sarcastically] Oh right, Rob, let's just go to the store and swipe it, I'll take my extra large purse.

Earl: This is terrible. I've failed my family. I'm nothing. I'm dirt.
Robbie Sinclair: You're not dirt, Dad.
Earl: No, you're right, I'm beneath dirt. I look up to dirt. I wish I was dirt. Dirt laughs at me!
Fran Sinclair: Earl, it'll be okay.
Earl: No it won't, Fran. This is gonna be the worst Refrigerator Day EVER.

Charlene Sinclair: Whoa! Refrigerator Day without presents is like... like two things that go together, only one of them isn't there, so the other one doesn't have the other thing to go with it!
Robbie Sinclair: Who says you're not deep?

"Dinosaurs: Hurling Day (#1.3)" (1991)
Robbie Sinclair: [looking at old pictures] Is this me?
Grandma Ethyl Phillips: Yeah, that's you on your Grandpa Louie's back, hitting him on the head with a pot.

Robbie Sinclair: Mom, it used to be that old dinosaurs couldn't hunt for food, now we have supermarkets, it used to be that old dinosaurs slowed down the pack, now we live in houses. So isn't throwing Grandma off a cliff just a waste of a perfectly good old lady?

Robbie: Dad, after you throw grandma into the tar pit, is there life after that?
Earl: For me there is.

Earl: [about hurling Ethyl] Without this, my life means nothing.
Robbie Sinclair: Well then I guess my life must mean nothing, because when your time comes, I'm not throwing you.
Earl: Why the hell not?
Robbie Sinclair: Because you're my father, just because you get old doesn't mean you stop being my father.

"Dinosaurs: Earl and Pearl (#4.9)" (1994)
Pearl Sinclair: I'm your Aunt Pearl.
[Robbie and Charlene show no recognition]
Pearl Sinclair: Your dad's sister. He DID tell you about me, didn't he?
Charlene Sinclair: Aunt Pearl... Aunt Pearl... oh! When did you get out of prison?
Pearl Sinclair: He told you I was in jail?
Charlene Sinclair: Well he said you were either dead or in prison so...
Pearl Sinclair: Oh that daddy of yours has got some sense of humor.
Charlene Sinclair, Robbie Sinclair: Not really.

Pearl Sinclair: Now wouldn't that be a hoot? If I got married and settled down here. Wouldn't that put a knot in Earl's britches?
Charlene Sinclair: Yep, all the more reason to do it.
Robbie Sinclair: Dad's been a real jerk lately.
Baby Sinclair: He's no fun. I want YOU to be my daddy.
Pearl Sinclair: Oh, I know you mean that in a sweet way.
Baby Sinclair: No I don't.

Fran Sinclair: Earl, all they were doing is listening to a little music.
Pearl Sinclair: Yeah.
Earl Sinclair: Tonight! But next they'll want to join a band and live on the road like gypsies. Traveling from town to town, always staying one step ahead of the law. Meeting colorful rogues and scallywags and getting into all kinds of scrapes.
Robbie Sinclair: Gee, I was thinking about college but this sounds better.
Charlene Sinclair: Would any of those scallywags be like, cute boys?
[Fran and Pearl laugh]
Earl Sinclair: See what you've done? You've corrupted them!
Pearl Sinclair: Oh why don't you hush up?

"Dinosaurs: Network Genius (#3.3)" (1992)
Fran Sinclair: Robbie, quit poking your sister.
Robbie Sinclair: Not until she supports her hypothesis that truth is knowable.
Charlene Sinclair: I wasn't talking about imperical evidence, buttface!
Fran Sinclair: Cut it out or I won't let you go to school tomorrow! I mean it!
Robbie Sinclair: Whoa, we'll be good, we'll be good.
Charlene Sinclair: Yeah, promise.
Robbie Sinclair: Promise.

Fran Sinclair: I was just at the market talking to some of the other mothers, and they said their kids are suddenly doing badly in school, they're like, zombies.
[sees Robbie, Baby and Ethyl staring blankly at the TV]
Fran Sinclair: Oh this has gone on far enough, if we're going to watch something, we're going to watch the news channel, Robbie, turn on channel 8.
Robbie Sinclair: Huh? Oh.
[raises the remote above his head]
Robbie Sinclair: Which one's 8?
Fran Sinclair: What? Oh give me that!

Fran Sinclair: Robbie, show your father your report card.
[goes to answer phone]
Earl Sinclair: Hit me with it.
Fran Sinclair: [on phone] Charlene? What?
Earl Sinclair: [reading report card] F, F, F, F, F, M... M? What's an M?
Robbie Sinclair: Well, halfway through grading me, the teacher forgot the alphabet.
Fran Sinclair: Earl! It's Charlene, she needs a ride home.
[hangs up]
Fran Sinclair: She can't remember where we live!
Earl Sinclair: That doesn't prove a thing, she never was the brightest kid.
Fran Sinclair: Earl, you've got to put smarter shows on the air! Everyone's gotten TOO dumb!

"Dinosaurs: I Never Ate for My Father (#2.3)" (1991)
Earl Sinclair: You stay away from my son you pea pusher.
Robbie Sinclair: Dad, so what if they eat a few peas? They're proud of who they are. You know, I have a dream that someday a dinosaur will be judged, not by the contents of his lunchbox, but the quality of his character.

Robbie Sinclair: Charlene, I'm gonna bite your head off!
Charlene Sinclair: Ooh, he's not a carnivore, he's a cannibal!

Baby Sinclair: You got spit up?
Earl Sinclair: Yep.
Baby Sinclair: You got spit up too?
Robbie Sinclair: Yeah.
Baby Sinclair: Did you bring me a present?

"Dinosaurs: Hungry for Love (#3.7)" (1992)
Robbie Sinclair: [hits Spike after he interrupts Robbie and Wendy] A kiss on my cheek, Spike!
Spike: What?
Robbie Sinclair: A kiss on my cheek, if you hadn't shown up it could've been my mouth, it could've been my lips.
Spike: It could've been your whole face! I just saved your life, Sinclair. I've been out asking around about Wendy, she's bad news!
Robbie Sinclair: I'm not interested in your stupid locker room stories.
Spike: [takes out notebook] Okay, last boyfriend transferred to another school, never registered, never showed up. Boyfriend number two, allegedly went off to join the army, no record of his enlistment. And boyfriend number three, Josh Meltzer, whereabouts, who knows?
Robbie Sinclair: What're you implying?
Spike: I think we both know what's going on. There's a girl like that in every school, a little hungrier than the others, she goes through boyfriends, she chews them up...
Robbie Sinclair: And spits them out?
Spike: Naw, she digests them. Face it, Scooter, your girlfriend is an eater!

Robbie Sinclair: Spike heard this idiotic rumor that Wendy eats all her boyfriends.
Charlene Sinclair: [laughs] Everyone knows that.
Robbie Sinclair: What do you mean everyone?
Charlene Sinclair: Everyone! They're all surprised you lasted this long, she must be dieting.
Robbie Sinclair: Why didn't you say anything?
Charlene Sinclair: I was going to. See, do nails, pick up eyeshadow, warn Robbie his life is in danger, see? It was next on my list.

Earl Sinclair: What reason could you possibly have for breaking up with this girl?
Robbie Sinclair: She's gonna eat me, Dad!
Earl Sinclair: ...Well no relationship is perfect, why your own mother forgets to put the cap back on the toothpaste.

"Dinosaurs: High Noon (#1.4)" (1991)
Robbie Sinclair: [Earl decides to fight Gary] Dad, are you sure about this? You saw Gary's sock.
Earl: Bring on his socks, bring on his shorts, bring on the whole hamper!

Robbie Sinclair: I want to go on record, I'm pretty sure killing Dad is wrong.

[Ethyl is happy because Earl has been challenged to a fight to the death by an animal nine times his size]
Robbie Sinclair: But I like Dad.
Grandma Ethyl Phillips: No, you're just used to him.

"Dinosaurs: Nature Calls (#3.1)" (1992)
Earl: Why am I so selfish? Why?
Robbie: I see something, hand me the binoculars.
Earl: No, they're mine.

Earl Sinclair: [Baby is straining] And what would you be doing?
Baby Sinclair: ...nothing.
Earl Sinclair: You're gonna make a poop, aren't you?
Baby Sinclair: ...maybe...
[continues straining]
Robbie Sinclair: He's goin'.
Charlene Sinclair: Definitely.
Earl Sinclair: Are you going or not?
Baby Sinclair: [strains than sighs relieved] Not anymore.
Earl Sinclair: Alright, that's it! We're going back up to the bathroom and we're not coming out until one of us is potty trained!

Fran Sinclair: I've changed every diaper in this house for the past 15 years and now, it's YOUR turn.
Earl Sinclair: Well, we're skipping my turn.
Baby: I'm not getting any fresher over here.
Robbie Sinclair: You know, Dad, Mom's got a point. It is kinda sexist to expect her to change all the diapers because she's a female.
Earl Sinclair: Well, we don't wanna be sexist, now do we, son? Here,
[hands him diaper]
Earl Sinclair: Knock yourself out.

"Dinosaurs: A New Leaf (#2.17)" (1992)
Earl: [Regarding what the Plant has led them to] You know, maybe your Mother is right, throwing our Lives away for some cheap high does have a downside, so... have we agreed, no more Plant?
Robbie Sinclair, Charlene Sinclair: Sigh, no more Plant...
Earl: ...and no more throwing our Lives away either?
Robbie Sinclair, Charlene Sinclair: No more throwing our Lives away.

Spike: Hey, it was better in the old Days, when a Male came of Age, He challenged his Father for Supremacy.
Robbie Sinclair: You mean like a Fight?
Spike: the Death!
Robbie Sinclair: Cool!
Spike: You can kick Your Dad's Butt, and take everything He owns, including His Wife.
Robbie Sinclair: Um... wouldn't that be My Mom?
Spike, Robbie Sinclair: [Realization Strikes em Both] EWWWWWW!

Fran Sinclair: [Regarding Robbies Spikes] Look, it's getting Late Earl, why Can't we just discuss this after Dinner?
Earl: He's not Eating Dinner in My House with those Spikes!
Robbie Sinclair: Obviously, I can't do anything Right. My Room's a Mess, My Spikes are too long, and My Posture Stinks! I mean... why is it that everything that I do is so wrong?
Earl: I was gonna ask You the same thing...
Robbie Sinclair: You know, I never asked to be Hatched in this Stupid Family.
Earl: Well then... nobody is keeping You here.
[Earl opens the Door, and Robbie Leaves]
Robbie Sinclair: FINE!
Earl: [Aloud] Don't You walk away from Me!

"Dinosaurs: Little Boy Boo (#3.5)" (1992)
Neighbor: You Sinclair kids come over here at the middle of the night on the 31st of October and expect me to give you candy? GET LOST.
Robbie Sinclair: Hmm, next time maybe we should wear costumes.
Robbie Sinclair, Baby Sinclair: Naw.

Robbie Sinclair: Hello, emergency? I want to report a dead baby dinosaur. What happened? Well, he pretended to choke on a cookie and when his big brother found out he was faking,
[hangs up phone]
Robbie Sinclair: he beat the living tar out of him.

Robbie Sinclair: [as Baby tries to eat a cookie] I'm in charge, and I'm telling you, put the cookie down!

"Dinosaurs: Earl, Don't Be a Hero (#4.2)" (1994)
Earl Sinclair: Daddy-got-a-new-job!
Baby Sinclair: Can't'-see-the-T-V!
Robbie Sinclair: Forget it, Dad, his favorite show's on.
Earl Sinclair: Not anymore.
[shuts TV off]
Baby Sinclair: [cries] Wanna see Captain Action Figure!
Earl Sinclair: What's so special about this Captain Action Guy?
Baby Sinclair: He's my hero!
Earl Sinclair: What's he got that I don't?
Baby Sinclair: A TV show! Turn it back on!

Robbie Sinclair: Well, he's a superhero, so he was probably born on a distant planet to a race of highly intelligent creatures.
Charlene Sinclair: Well I heard he lives at the bottom of the sea in a dome kingdom made entirely of diamonds and big pearls.
Fran Sinclair: Charlene, where'd you hear that?
Charlene Sinclair: I have sources.

"Dinosaurs: The Discovery (#3.4)" (1992)
Thighs of Thunder: Please, forgive me, many eggs hatch since I last speak to another of my kind.
Robbie Sinclair: You're a dinosaur!
Thighs of Thunder: Yes. I am called Wahachi Muchacha, it means Thighs of Thunder. They ask me speak with you now, how are you called?
Robbie Sinclair: I'm Robbie Sinclair, Robbie.
Baby Sinclair: I'm the Baby, uh, gotta love me?
Thighs of Thunder: Cute.

Robbie Sinclair: Why are you living with the cavemen?
Thighs of Thunder: When I was small like uh, Baby Gotta Love Me...
Baby Sinclair: Huh?
Thighs of Thunder: My parents, eh... da weak?
Caveman: Da weak!
Thighs of Thunder: Dinosaur, bring me to forest for picnic, but soon, I am alone, parents no more.
Robbie Sinclair: Oh, they died, huh?
Thighs of Thunder: No, two career couple, no time for kid, they leave me, drive away fast!
Baby Sinclair: That stinks!
Thighs of Thunder: Oh no, cave people find me, raise as one of them. Live here many years, very happy, until dinosaur come! Rape and denude our land! Make cave people angry! That is why they bring YOU here.

"Dinosaurs: Changing Nature (#4.7)" (1994)
Earl Sinclair: Maybe we went a little overboard with the poison.
Charlene Sinclair: A little? Your stupid spray killed all plant life!
Earl Sinclair: Hey, what are you complaining about? You never liked salads anyway.
Robbie Sinclair: You've destroyed the global food chain! No plants means no food at all!
Earl Sinclair: Nonsense! There's a wide variety of commercial snack foods which have virtually no natural ingredients.
Fran Sinclair: Earl, we can't live on Ho-Ho's!
Baby Sinclair: I can!

Robbie Sinclair: Dad, you're going to coat the entire continent with poison? Isn't there some safer alternative?
Earl Sinclair: Like what?
Charlene Sinclair: Well, trim back the vines as much as we can, live with a little discomfort, and hope that nature eventually restores the balance.
Earl Sinclair: That's inconvenient and time consuming, my idea is exciting and high tech.
Robbie Sinclair: Yeah but have you tested this stuff to make sure it's safe?

"Dinosaurs: How to Pick Up Girls (#2.10)" (1991)
Robbie Sinclair: [as Robbie picks up a jar with green liquid in it, trying to feed Baby] Open up.
Baby Sinclair: I don't like that.
[Robbie picks up another jar with brown sugar-like contents in it]
Baby Sinclair: I don't like that.
[Robbie picks up another jar with chucks of meat in it, opens it, and spoons it out]
Baby Sinclair: I don't like that.
Robbie Sinclair: Eat this!
Baby Sinclair: Okay.
Robbie Sinclair, Baby Sinclair: Ahhhhhhhh...
Robbie Sinclair: All right, now look, be a good baby brother and fall asleep or something.
Baby Sinclair: How come you're the babysitter?
Robbie Sinclair: Because I got grounded.
Baby Sinclair: I'm your punishment?
Robbie Sinclair: Yep.
Baby Sinclair: I like that.
Robbie Sinclair: I'm happy *you're* happy.
Baby Sinclair: Why'd you get grounded?
Robbie Sinclair: Because of this girl, Caroline.
Baby Sinclair: She nice?
Robbie Sinclair: Yeah, she's pretty hot.
Baby Sinclair: Hot, don't touch!
Robbie Sinclair: No, no, no, this is the kind of hot you *want* to touch.
Baby Sinclair: I don't get it.
Robbie Sinclair: Neither do I.

Earl Sinclair: [after Robbie and Spike leaves, thinks about what Spike told him] I see it all now - it's all so clear!
Fran Sinclair: [comes in the kitchen] Earl, is everything all straightened out now?
Earl Sinclair: You bet it is! It was YOU!
Fran Sinclair: Me?
Earl Sinclair: You foul temptress; weaver of spells!
Fran Sinclair: [offended] What?
Earl Sinclair: Don't try to cloud my mind! These boys are mere victims of the treachery of you females.
Fran Sinclair: [furiously] Where's Spike?
Earl Sinclair: He's right, uh...
[Earl turns around only to see Robbie come back in]
Fran Sinclair: Did you let Spike just walk out of this room?
Earl Sinclair: [stammers] Uh, well, I, I, I...
Fran Sinclair: [goes even more furious] Did you lose control of the entire situation!
Earl Sinclair: Why lose control? I'm the mighty Megalosaurus!
[Fran growls at him]
Earl Sinclair: [nervously] Yes, dear...
Fran Sinclair: Grr... Robbie, go to your room!
Robbie Sinclair: But dad said I...
Fran Sinclair: I don't care what your father said! You're grounded until further notice!
Robbie Sinclair: Okay, okay, yes, ma'am, yes, ma'am, yes, ma'am!
[Robbie rushes to his room]
Robbie Sinclair: [distantly] Grouch!

"Dinosaurs: The Last Temptation of Ethyl (#2.18)" (1992)
Charlene: [Ethyl's unconscious] Grandma, can you say something?
Robbie Sinclair: Hey look, look, I think she's coming around.
Earl Sinclair: No no no no no, no the hole's already dug, let's get on with it.
Ethyl Phillups: Not so fast fat boy.
[takes Earl's shovel and hits him in the face with it]
Earl Sinclair: [groans] I knew I should've had her cremated.
[falls down unconscious]
Ethyl Phillups: .Where am I?
Robbie Sinclair: Grandma, we brought you home from the station. We were worried.
Charlene: Yeah, we better call your producer, I mean he thought you were dead.
Ethyl Phillups: Let him think whatever he wants, I'm not going back.
Fran Sinclair: But why, Mom? I thought you loved talking about the afterlife.
Ethyl Phillups: I do, Fran, but if I'm ever gonna go back, I can't just sit around watching the grass grow. What I'm going to do is enjoy life and love each and every one of you... starting tomorrow.
Fran Sinclair: Why not today?
Ethyl Phillups: Because today, there's a perfectly good hole in the backyard and we're gonna bury fat boy in it.
Earl Sinclair: [comes around] What?
[Ethyl hits him with the shovel again and he's knocked unconscious]
Baby: Again!
[hits his toy dinosaur on the head with a toy shovel and laughs]

"Dinosaurs: Honey, I Miss the Kids (#3.16)" (1993)
Robert"Robbie" Sinclair: I wrote this song for a girl who used to ignore me, until I played it for her .

"Dinosaurs: And the Winner Is... (#2.21)" (1992)
Charlene: What's that?
Robbie: My pancreas.
Charlene: I'm starving. Give it to me. I'll take your spleen too.

"Dinosaurs: Nuts to War: Part 1 (#2.19)" (1992)
Charlene Sinclair: [after the war is over] I heard that somebody got killed.
Robbie Sinclair: Yeah, it was some new guy... but you know we could've won!
Earl Sinclair: Robbie, what're you saying?
Robbie Sinclair: Well, I'm saying it's terrible that guy got killed and all, but you know we had those four-leggers on the run, we could've won it.
Earl Sinclair: A boy died, don't you see the fighting didn't solve anything?
Fran Sinclair: Come on, Robbie, let's get you out of that uniform, you have school tomorrow.
Robbie Sinclair: Forget school, a bunch of the guys were talking about keeping the army together if they came back, they'll set up a base at the swamp so we'll be ready for them next time. They're working on a WHOLE NEW line of weapons, yeah!
Earl Sinclair: Stop it! You're not a soldier, you're a kid,
[pulls Robbie into a close hug]
Earl Sinclair: You're gonna go to school, you're gonna take girlfriends to dances, you're gonna drive me crazy like you always have, until it's time for you to grow up.
Robbie Sinclair: Dad?
Earl Sinclair: It's allright son, it's over... you're home.

"Dinosaurs: Charlene's Tale (#2.4)" (1991)
[Charlene's tail has finally grown in]
Robbie Sinclair: [laughs in disbelief] What did you do, buy the variety pack?
Charlene Sinclair: [as Robbie touches her tail] You're wasting your time, Moron-a-saurus. It's real!
Earl Sinclair: [aghast] 'Real'!
Robbie Sinclair: [in disgust] What! Oh, no, man! Ugh, I touched my sister's tail!

"Dinosaurs: Steroids to Heaven (#3.15)" (1993)
Spike: You admit you're doing thornoids?
Robbie Sinclair: Yeah so what? Look where they got me.
[big muscles]
Spike: Yeah and look what it's costing you, Caroline doesn't want to see you anymore, your family thinks you're going crazy, and I've had just about enough of you touching my jacket.

"Dinosaurs: Switched at Birth (#2.11)" (1991)
Robbie Sinclair: Stop it! You're adults. Can't you settle this like adults?
Earl Sinclair: With what, weapons?
Gus Molehill: Costly litigation?

"Dinosaurs: Wesayso Knows Best (#2.24)" (1992)
Earl: They're a big company, Fran, I think they know what they're doing.
Robbie Sinclair: Gee, Dad, it sounds like you've been brainwashed or something.
Earl: Exactly, and that brainwashing has put the food on the table and the clothes on your back.
Fran Sinclair: And now the suitcase in your hand.
Earl: And a darn nice suitcase it is.

"Dinosaurs: What 'Sexual Harris' Meant (#2.13)" (1991)
Charlene Sinclair: I don't see why Monica's putting herself through this, couldn't she just find another job?
Robbie Sinclair: You're missing the whole point: Monica's fighting against injustice, struggling for the rights of females everywhere.
Earl Sinclair: Yeah? Write a song about it.