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Philotas (Character)
from Alexander (2004)

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Alexander (2004)
Philotas: [during the battle of Gaugamela] Alexander! My father's lost! They've overrun the flanks, they're into the baggage trains!
Hephaistion: Parmenion's crumbling!
Ptolemy: Alexander, if you chase him you risk losing your army here!
Alexander: And if we capture him we gain an empire!
[yelling after Darius]
Alexander: You can run till the ends of the earth, you coward! But you'll never run far enough!

[after Alexander's wedding to Roxane]
Philotas: But what's the point Alexander? She's your captive; just take her as your concubine!
Alexander: Because I want a son. Damn you, Philotas
Philotas: Half your nobles have sisters who would make fine Macedonian mothers.
Alexander: To take an Asian as my queen, not a captive, is a sign of deep respect for our subjects. It will, more than anything, bring us together. Unify us. Which is not to say I won't take a Macedonian one day.
Philotas: As a second wife? And insult Macedonia?
Antigonus: Never will our people accept this girl's son as king. They'll be angry enough when they find out their husbands all have second wives in Barbaria.
Alexander: [laughing] Then they'll learn!

Philotas: Alexander, remember me for who I am!
Alexander: I do remember you, Philotas. But not as you remember yourself.