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Squirt (Character)
from "Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends" (2004)

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"Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends: Country Bug-Kin/A Star Fell on Sunny Patch (#1.2)" (2004)
Holley: Hi, son.
[sings and plays guitar]
Holley: Quite a starry show tonight.
Squirt: Except for one little twinkly light.
Holley: How could ya' tell when the moon's so bright?
Squirt: I just know - - one little star's got a long way to go. / How do you put a star back in the sky? / Is there a way that a spider can fly?

[first lines]
["Country Bug-Kin"]
Squirt: [websurfing] Woo-hoo! Bugs away!
Dragon: Whoa! Being a kite sure has its ups and downs!
Shimmer: And you thought it was gonna be a breeze!

Squirt: Wow! This is definitely one weird-looking leaf.
[the "leaf" rustles, sending Squirt falling to the ground]
Squirt: Whoa!
Bounce: It's alive! It's alive!

Sweetie: Any chocolate?
Squirt: Well, no. But we've got honey, fresh from the hive!
Sweetie: I thought honey only came from those plastic bear squeeze bottles.
Squirt: Huh?

[last lines]
["A Star Fell on Sunny Patch"]
Dragon: You put the wishing star back in the sky! Thanks, mom.
Miss Spider: Well, it's not really a star, kids. It's just something that looks like one.
Holley: But it's fun to pretend it's a real star.
Miss Spider: Your own special wishing star, Squirt!
Squirt: I don't think so, mom.
Miss Spider: You don't want to make anymore wishes?
Squirt: It's not that. I want it to be our special wishing star.
Bounce, Shimmer: Thanks, Squirt.
Dragon: Yes, thanks.

[last lines]
["Country Bug-Kin"]
Sweetie: See ya', Squirster.
Squirt: Bye, Sweetie.
Ted: Trash cans, here were come.
Sweetie: Whatever.
Ned: Uh uh. Chocolate, here we come!
Ted: Heh heh heh heh. You said a mouthful, Ned.
Ned: Mmm, a mouthful. I can taste it melting already.
Ted: Yeah. Do you know the number of cans in the town?

"Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends: Fungus Among Us/Ground Bound (#2.7)" (2006)
[first lines]
["Fungus Among Us"]
Shimmer: [shivers] It's been raining for days. Is the sun ever coming out again?
[gets hit by a raindrop]
Shimmer: Oh! Whoa!
Miss Spider: [handing tissues Squirt and Pansy] Squirt, honey, blow.
Squirt: Achoo.
Miss Spider: You too, Pansy.
Squirt: [sounding very congested] T'anks, mom. What if the sun never comes back?
Miss Spider: It will, sweetie, don't worry.
Squirt: I hope it does soon.
Miss Spider: You'll all feel better with a dose of my hot honey and lemon drop soup. I'll make some as soon as dad, Wiggle and Bounce get back with the lemon juice.
[hands tissue to Shimmer, who blows her nose]
Miss Spider: I hope they get home soon.

Bounce: [in Wiggle's dream] Don't do it, Wiggle! They'll grow in a crevice! They'll grow in a crack! They came through the doorway, inside your backpack.
Squirt: Come back here!
Bounce: They'll grow where it's damp! They'll grow where it's dark! And here in the bedroom-- they'll grow from the bark!

[last lines]
["Fungus Among Us"]
Squirt: Mom sent over some breakfast!
Bounce: Breakfast! Breakfast! Breakfast!
Wiggle: Oh, good. I'm starved! I've been working all morning.
Wiggle: Mmm. What is it?
Bounce: Mushroom soup. There's loads of it.
Wiggle: Um... I'll pass, thanks. I've had enough of mushrooms for a long time.
Bounce: Bye-bye mushrooms!
[The three laugh.]

[first lines]
["Ground Bound"]
Berry: Ripper, little bities!
Bounce: Yahoo! Woo-hoo!
Squirt: You're styling, sis!
Shimmer: Who could ever get bored with breeze-boarding?

[last lines]
["Ground Bound"]
Bounce: Berry saved me, mom. Again!
Miss Spider: See, Berry. I guess you're still good at something.
Berry: Ripper, Miss Spider.
Bounce: [breeze-boarding] Yeah, yeah, yeah! Wow! Wow! Yeah! Ha ha ha ha! Whoo!
Miss Spider: Woo-hoo!
Squirt: Woo-hoo, mom!
Shimmer: Catch that wave!

"Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends: No-See-Um Is Believin'!/A Little Bug Music (#1.15)" (2005)
Squirt: Hmm. Why doesn't anybuggy believe me?
Pippy: It's hard to believe in something you can't see. I know.

[first lines]
["No-See-Um Is Believin'!"]
[Three of Miss Spider's kids are playing a ball game.]
Bounce: I'm open! Over here!
Dragon: [misses] Aw!
Bounce: Dragon?
Squirt: We win!

Squirt: You know, if I look really closely, I can see you.
Pippy: Really?
Squirt: Sort of. Okay not really.

[first lines]
["A Little Bug Music"]
Bounce: Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy!
Squirt, Bounce, Shimmer: [accepting lice cream cones from a vendor] Thank you!
Squirt: Mmm. Roachy road must be the best flavor in Sunny Patch.

Miss Spider: It's okay for everybuggy to have different tastes.
Squirt: [annoyed because Bounce tasted his lice cream cone without asking] Bounce!
Miss Spider: But it's not okay to taste everybuggy's without asking, Bounce.
Bounce: Sorry, Mom!

"Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends: Family Circus/Eight Is Not Enough (#1.13)" (2005)
Squirt: Bounce, where's Mom?
Bounce: Mom wasn't at the finish line. She promised!
Squirt: Are moms even allowed to miss stuff like this, Grandma?
Betty Beetle: Your Mom always tries her best, Squirt. I'm sure there's a good reason she missed you.

[first lines]
["Family Circus"]
Squirt: Welcome to the Honeybee Brothers Bumble and Dogflea Circus!
[The other Spider children cheer.]

[first lines]
["Eight Is Not Enough"]
Bounce: [running rapidly towards the Hollow Tree] Faster! Faster! Faster! Faster! Faster! Faster!
[The Spider children all chatter rapidly, trying to get Miss Spider's attention.]
Squirt: Mom!
Miss Spider: [holding a sailor's cap] Put this on, Wiggle. It'll be sunny sailing on the puddle today.

[last lines]
["Eight Is Not Enough"]
Squirt: [referring to himself and Pansy] We broke our webs.
Miss Spider: Oh no. Well, there'll be plenty of time to mend them while we're on the mend ourselves.
Squirt: Don't worry! We'll take care of you!
Dragon: Yeah!
Shimmer: Of course!
Spinner: Awesome!

"Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends: Bedtime Story/Fly Away Friends (#1.4)" (2004)
[first lines]
["Fly Away Friends"]
Miss Spider: Kids! It's time for...
Holley: School!
Squirt: Whoa! Whoa-whoa-whoa! Somebody sure is an eager weevil this morning.

Dragon: [flying away] Bugs away!
Squirt: Bugs away, alright. Way way up and away.

[last lines]
["Fly Away Friends"]
Dragon: [singing] Racin' bees
Shimmer: Or tickling fleas
Dragon, Squirt, Shimmer: It's way more fun / When it's done in threes / Bug Buddies! Bug Buddies! We're best Bug Buddies! / Bug Buddies! Bug Buddies! We're best Bug Buddies!

"Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends: Good Deed Seeds/Shelley and the Brain (#3.15)" (2006)
[first lines]
["Good Deed Seeds"]
Squirt: [picking up a seed] Go long, Dragon!
Dragon: Squirt, Squirt, I'm open!

Miss Spider: Helping a neighbor by doing a good deed is thanks enough for me.
Spiderus: Quite right. Well said.
Miss Spider: Although, you could pass on our good deed by doing something nice for somebuggy else instead.
Squirt: That sounds kind of neat.
Dragon: But why somebuggy else? We did all the work!
Spiderus: And besides, why do something for somebuggy if they're not doing something for you?
Miss Spider: Because doing a good deed and helping a neighbor is like planting a seed. You plant a good deed, then watch it grow and bloom like a flower.

[last lines]
["Good Deed Seeds"]
Dragon: We're gonna spend the whole day sowing good deed seeds all over Sunny Patch.
Squirt: And everybuggy will pass it on to everybuggy else.
Miss Spider: Now where did you get a spiderific idea like that?

"Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends: Something's Stinky in Sunny Patch/The Listening Walk (#1.7)" (2004)
Squirt: Come on, let's hide.
Stinky: Wow! A stakeout! Oh goody!

[first lines]
["The Listening Walk"]
Squirt: [launching into the air by holding two dandelion seeds] Bugs away!
Bounce: Bounce away!
Wiggle: It's getting dark out, you guys.

[last lines]
["The Listening Walk"]
Squirt: Earwigs.
Dragon: Crickets.
Bounce: Owl.
Wiggle: Rain.
[yawns and falls asleep]

"Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends: The Bug Flu/A Time Telling Tale (#1.16)" (2005)
Squirt: I'm sorry. I was building a castle with my blocks and I guess I kinda
Spinner: lost track of time?
Squirt: Sorry, everybuggy.

Squirt: Oh no, Eddy's party. What time is it?
Miss Spider: Hmm...
Squirt: Uh-oh. I know what time that look means. I'm late, huh?

[last lines]
["A Time Telling Tale"]
Holley, Miss Spider, Dragon, Squirt, Bounce, Shimmer: [singing] Our singing time is lots of fun / But now this song is almost done / And it's time to stop our sing-along / 'Cause we've come to the end of "The Minute Long Song."
Eddy: Great song, Squirt's Dad.
Squirt: Yeah! Now I'll never be late again.
[all laugh]

"Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends: Taste-Bugs/Top O'Big Tree (#1.14)" (2005)
[first lines]
["Top O'Big Tree"]
Squirt, Bounce, Shimmer, Dragon, Snowdrop: A Bug Scout stands by his fellow bugs and a Bug Scout is good to bugs --- all bugs. Bug Scouts honor.
Mr. Mantis: Well done, Bug Scouts. Now a few of you have a very special trip coming up. Bounce, Squirt and Snowdrop are going to hike to the top of the big tulip tree.

[last lines]
["Top O'Big Tree"]
Bounce: [regarding climbing Big Tree] Let's do this again next weekend!
Squirt: Yeah, can we, dad?
Holley: Well...
Snowdrop: Please, dad?
[all chuckle]

Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Kids (2003) (TV)
Squirt: [to Spiderus] Nice bugs don't eat their friends!

Holley: I always did want a big family.
Miss Spider: Eight is a perfect number.
Squirt: Yeah! We've got eight legs.
Holley: And we have plenty of love to go around.

"Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends: Best Bug Buddies/Snuggle Bugs (#2.6)" (2006)
[first lines]
["Best Bug Buddies"]
Squirt: Come on, let's surf from...
[indicates a really high tree branch]
Squirt: there.
Wiggle: Um. S-sure. If you really want to.
Squirt: Oh, you know what, Wiggle? I don't really feel like climbing up there. Let's just surf from here.
Wiggle: Okay, Squirt.

[last lines]
["Best Bug Buddies"]
Spindella: Well, it's time for us to be crawling, Petal. We have to meet Uncle Longlegs over in Shady Bog.
Squirt, Petal: Awww!
Squirt: Um... hey, mom, can I surf there with Petal? I can show her a few things on the way.
Miss Spider: It sounds like a great idea to me.
Squirt, Petal: Yay!
Squirt: Thanks, mom! Yay!

"Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends: Happy Heartwood Day/Ground House Rules (#1.12)" (2005)
Squirt: Come on in, everybody! See our spiderific new ground house!
Spiderus: Such a ghastly hullabaloo. And right under my gate. That's it. I can't stand it anymore.
[He growls and then bumps into Dragon, who just zipped out of the ground house]
Dragon: Sorry, Spiderus. It's really crowded in there. I had to come out and stretch my wings.
Spiderus: Forced out of your own clubhouse, eh, Dragon? Well, that's doesn't seem quite fair.
Dragon: What do you mean?
Spiderus: Well, aren't you the eldest?
Dragon: Yeah.
Spiderus: Well, as the eldest, you should make the rules, don't you think?

[last lines]
["Happy Heartwood Day"]
Bounce: But who got bit by the lovebug?
Squirt: Not us!
Dragon: No way!
[Lilly appears, clears her throat and taps Bounce]
Bounce: Huh?
[Lilly holds up a heart-shaped Valentine and giggles]
Bounce: Yes?
[Lilly kisses Bounce]
Bounce: Arriba! I got bit by the love bug! I got bit by the love bug!
Dragon: Yuck! Bounce!
Shimmer: Way to go.
Bounce: Arriba! Arriba!
[the various bugs all chatter and shout out "Happy Heartwood Day!"]

"Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends: Wiggle's Squiggles/Basketberry Blues (#1.8)" (2004)
Squirt: [singing] Paint a circle and a curly line
Shimmer: Now it's a grape on a golden vine
Squirt, Shimmer, Spinner, Pansy, Dragon, Snowdrop, Bounce, Wiggle: Painting is for everyone / 'Cause making art is so much fun!

"Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends: Frog in the Moon/Moon Music and Sun Songs" (2006)
[first lines]
["Frog in the Moon"]
Squirt, Spinner, Bounce: Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, bugs off! Whee!
Squirt: The ribbit-ship has landed!
Spinner: That was one giant leap for bug-kind!
Felix: And for frog-kind!

"Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends: The Thinking Stone/Big Bad Buggysitter (#2.3)" (2006)
Holley: I have a thinking stone.
Squirt: What do you think about there, Dad?
Holley: Oh, all kinds of things. Big things, small things, silly things. You can even make an important decision, like when I decided to ask the most special spider in the world to marry me.
[makes kissing noise and chuckles happily]

"Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends: Bug Your Mom Day/A Cloudy Day in Sunny Patch (#1.17)" (2005)
[last lines]
["A Cloudy Day in Sunny Patch"]
Miss Spider, Squirt, Pansy, Dragon, Snowdrop, Bounce, Wiggle, Holley, Spinner: [singing] Everybuggy's party is on the day they're hatched / So fly or crawl or skitter / There's fun in Sunny Patch / Spiders will be swinging / Beetles will be winging / Everybody singing / Happy hatchday!
Miss Spider, Squirt, Pansy, Dragon, Snowdrop, Bounce, Wiggle, Holley, Spinner: Happy hatchday, Shimmer!

"Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends: Secret Frog (#1.18)" (2005)
Squirt: [regarding Felix the frog] Guys, we're not really gonna let him loose, are we?
Shimmer: Well, are going to be celebrating Be Good to Bugs Day soon.
Spinner: And shouldn't Be Good to Bugs Day mean be good to every kind of animal?
Shimmer: You're right! Come on.

"Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends: Bug Talk/The Befuddled Butterfly" (????)
[first lines]
["The Befuddled Butterfly"]
Shimmer: Tada!
Dragon: There. Everything's ready.
Squirt: Yeah! I sure hope Cookie likes it.

"Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends: Night and Day/Cob Fog" (2008)
[last lines]
["Cob Fog"]
Ted: Ned, I told you not to bring the lantern into the hole!
Bounce: Yay! Corn, corn! Poppin' corn!
Squirt: Yeah!
Holley: Well, what do you know? The Corn Carnival's a go after all.
Dragon: Get the popcorn.
Squirt: There goes another one!
[Ned and Ted groan]
Miss Spider: Thanks for sharing, Ned and Ted.
Ted, Ned: Yeah, you're welcome.
Wilver: Ah ho. Ole! This reminds me of the time I had to fly through a hailstorm on a very special mission. The hailstones were as big as blueberries! They were huge! They were raining down on all sides. Ay caramba!

"Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends: Seeing Straight/Stumped! (#2.4)" (2006)
[last lines]
Miss Spider: Are you two friends again?
Squirt: Yep.
Shimmer: We apologized.
Miss Spider: Good! Then it's high time you come join the mushroom safari. I'm so excited! We found a whole bunch of chanterelle mushrooms.
Shimmer: Well, maybe we'll join you in a little while, mom.
Squirt: Yeah! Right now, we're having too much fun being stumped.
Miss Spider: You are?
[the three jump and cheer]