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Quotes for
Wiseman (Character)
from "Sailor Moon" (1995)

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"Sailor Moon: Final Battle (#2.41)" (1998)
Wiseman: [Wiseman's last words as he is vaporised by the Silver Crystal] This can't be happening! No one is stronger than the Doom Phantom...

"Sailor Moon: Jealousy's Just Reward (#2.37)" (1998)
[last lines]
Wiseman: Emerald - good riddance! That awful laugh of hers gave me a migraine. And soon enough, her ambitious, self-centered friends, Sapphire and Diamond, will be joining her. I no longer need the Negamoon Family; the last puzzle piece has been found. And now nothing - NOTHING CAN STOP ME!
[the Wiseman laughs maniacally followed by Rini's laughter]