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Quotes for
Vic (Character)
from No Contest (1995)

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Jazzin' for Blue Jean (1984) (V)
Vic: I know the man. Actually we're distantly related. My... um... my mothers sister - she married his old man in Cheltenham. That makes me his half-cousin, twice removed... or... close enough.

[Pointing at random name on the guest list.]
Vic: That's me.
Foyeur Lady: Oh yeah? Er... you're a bit thinner this time int ya? Demmis Rousos! On your bike, son!

Vic: Hello.
Girl: I'm not alone.
Vic: Is he big?
Girl: Very.
Vic: That's okay - he'll like me. Lots of people like me. Well not straight away but give it a couple o' minutes and...

Foyeur Lady: What is your name?
Vic: Yogi. Er...
[tries to read the guestlist]
Vic: Olliandum.
Foyeur Lady: Olliandum?
Vic: Whoosh. Whoosh Olliandum.

Vic: He'll find out sooner or later about his mother. Only I did promise I'd tell him personally - you know what mothers... are... like. How's your mother? She well? I hope so.

Vic: Mr Screaming. Er... good evening. I'm from the Melody Faces - no - one of the music magazines. I was with a music magazine now I'm with a more high profile kind of... aw I've really hurt me head.

Vic: [voice over, narrating] She spoke to me and that was it, I fell.
[falls down the ladder]

Vic: [narrating, getting dressed] Frankie Relax is definitely out. I'm not advertising Frankie until they tell us who he is.

Vic: Nice shoes.

Vic: You look great, you're fantastic, you're beautiful.

Vic: I'm speechless. I'm speechless you conniving, randy, bogus Oriental old queen. Your record sleeves are better than your songs!