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TIM (Character)
from "The Tomorrow People" (1973)

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"The Tomorrow People: The Slaves of Jedikiah: Part 5 (#1.5)" (1973)
Tim: What will happen to other Tomorrow People if you all get killed?
Stephen: What other Tomorrow People? I thought there were only four of us.
Tim: There are at the moment. I mean the thousands who have not yet broken out. When they do, they will need your help.
John: Well, they'll manage somehow. I did.

Carol: Isn't it funny how sophisticated their technology is and yet... yet none of them broke out into being telepaths.
Tim: There are many such races throughout the universe. Some go telepathic, some do not. Your own species, Man, could still go either way. It's up to you.

"The Tomorrow People: The Thargon Menace: Playing with Fire (#6.6)" (1978)
Tim: All we know is that one side at least is not telling the truth.

"The Tomorrow People: Hitler's Last Secret: Seeds of Destruction (#6.4)" (1978)
TIM: Look carefully, Mike. See Hitler as he really is. See him in his proper shape, the galatic criminal Neebor. Look, Mike, look!

"The Tomorrow People: The Living Skins: Cold War (#7.6)" (1978)
Tim: They are known as Bolboids, and they're a kind of parasite.
Andrew: What, a creature that lives on other creatures?
John: Yes, Andrew.
Tim: They latch onto the native species, wrap themselves around them, and slowly digest them.
Mike: And that's what they're doing to us. Ew.
Tim: It is a process which takes several months. They always start with whichever is the most advanced form of life on the planet, then they work their way down the scale, latching onto different life forms until they have stripped the planet bare.

"The Tomorrow People: War of the Empires: Standing Alone (#8.3)" (1979)
Galactic Tim: The Earth-man John is charged with contempt of the Galactic Federation. Until his case has been heard, he must remain in detention.
Morgan Evans: Now, listen, you lunkheads, whoever you are! If you clunks don't let John go, we're gonna blast you out of space!
Galactic Tim: Is that a threat?
Morgan Evans: You better believe it is.
Galactic Tim: Wait, please.

"The Tomorrow People: The Medusa Strain: Part 2 (#1.7)" (1973)
Stephen: But how does one move from hyperspace in the present to hyperspace in the future?
Tim: By the fourth dimensional drift.

"The Tomorrow People: War of the Empires: All in the Mind (#8.4)" (1979)
[last line of the series]
Timus: No, not members of the old Federation but members of a vigorous NEW Federation, which from now on will look to young people like yourselves for guidance.

"The Tomorrow People: One Law: One Law for the Poor (#4.1)" (1975)
John: Tim, are you sure you're not putting two and two together and making five?
TIM: I am not in the habit of making inaccurate calculations.
John: You managed to burn the toast.

"The Tomorrow People: Achilles Heel: Everything to Lose (#7.4)" (1978)
Tim: I'm sorry, caller. Lines are engaged. Please try again later.
Andrew Forbes: TIM, is that you?
Tim: ANDREW! What're you doing using the telephone!