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Prof. Pierre LeBlanc (Character)
from "The Jack Benny Program" (1950)

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"The Jack Benny Program: Jack Takes Violin Lessons (#14.20)" (1964)
Jack Benny: Do you think you can make a good violinist out of me?
Prof. Pierre LeBlanc: Well uh... I think I can do something, but it will take time. How old are you?
Jack Benny: Why?
Prof. Pierre LeBlanc: How much time have we got left?

Prof. Pierre LeBlanc: Monsieur Benny, perhaps if you held the violin upside down?
Jack Benny: Upside down? I wouldn't be able to play it that way.
Prof. Pierre LeBlanc: Let us try anything.

Prof. Pierre LeBlanc: Monsieur Benny, could I have some water please?
Jack Benny: Water? Yes, there's some in the cooler out in the hall.
Prof. Pierre LeBlanc: That is not enough. I would like to drown myself.

Prof. Pierre LeBlanc: [to Kreutzer exercise] Play it softly, not so brassy, Pull your tongue in, you're not Lassie.

Prof. Pierre LeBlanc: [to Kreutzer exercise] Play it softly while you're learning, Not so loud, my stomach's turning.

Prof. Pierre LeBlanc: Pardon me, I... I lost my temper Monsieur Benny.
Jack Benny: Oh.
Prof. Pierre LeBlanc: I wish it was my hearing.