Joe Palooka
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Joe Palooka (Character)
from Gentleman Joe Palooka (1946)

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"The Joe Palooka Story: A Turkey for Terry (#1.3)" (1954)
Tony Bello: This is Pete Gurney. Me and Tony Bello have a gag that's too good to keep. Me and Tony gave Knobby a turkey this morning. Now you better sit down or you'll fall down when I tell you the topper - the turkey is a phony!
Joe Palooka: It was what?
Tony Bello: It's made of rubber!
Joe Palooka: Knobby gave me that turkey and I gave it to a poor kid in an alley. Now you've got something to really laugh about!

[last lines]
Joe Palooka: Say, how are you and Whitey getting along?
Terry Keough: Fine. You know, I like him better since I learned something about him.
Joe Palooka: What's that?
Terry Keough: He's a sucker for a left.