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Dasha Fedorovich (Character)
from Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 (2008) (VG)

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Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 (2008) (VG)
Premier Cherdenko: [Intro, People are gathered outside of the Kremlin, then the sene goes to the Kremlin where people are taking things that symbolized the Soviet Union out of the Kremlin] The Premier is gone
General Krukov: Yes, The Coward has fled, the Soviet Union is at death's door, commander. What can we do?
Premier Cherdenko: There is only one way.
[Lifts up a statue that hides a button and a bookcase reveals an elevator, and Cherdenko steps in]
Premier Cherdenko: General, come, please.
[Kurkov steps into the elevator]
General Krukov: Is this some kind of an escape route?
Premier Cherdenko: No. General. 12 Months ago, I was put in charge of a top secret project.
General Krukov: But, there's not enough time.
Premier Cherdenko: With respect, General.
[the elevator reaches the bottom and both Krukov and Cherdenko exit the elevator]
Premier Cherdenko: You see General,
[Reveals the time machine]
Premier Cherdenko: time is on our side.
Dr. Gregor Zelinsky: No, no, no it, it is not finished yet. we don't know of it even works.
General Krukov: What works.
Dr. Gregor Zelinsky: My, time machine.
Premier Cherdenko: Prepare these co-ordinates.
[Hands Zelinsky a piece of paper]
Dr. Gregor Zelinsky: Please no.
[Goes with Cherdenko and Krukov, who still proceeds into the time machine]
Dr. Gregor Zelinsky: No, please.
[Goes into the time machine]
General Krukov: Is this safe?
Premier Cherdenko: Come, Comrade General. A new world order awaits.
[They are time warped into the past]
Dr. Gregor Zelinsky: [Seeing Krukov touching a curtain] No, no. Touch nothing.
General Krukov: Where is this?
Premier Cherdenko: Brussels. 1927.
Dr. Gregor Zelinsky: [Seeing Einstein] Is that, Einstein?
Premier Cherdenko: Yes. He is the one responsible for our enemies' technological superiority. He made our enemies invincible.
[Einstein walks towards Cherdenko, who shakes his hand and disintegrates Einstein]
Dr. Gregor Zelinsky: [Seeing this] NO!
[Then, light flash out of the time machine, as the trio come back, the Soviet Union is back]
General Krukov: [Seeing the new world] I don't understand.
Dr. Gregor Zelinsky: We've altered the past and changed the present.
Dasha Fedorovich: We're online now sir.
General Krukov: Thank you lieutenant.
Dasha Fedorovich: No, I mean Premier Cherdenko.
[Cherdenko grins]
Dasha Fedorovich: We have the update on our forces that is advancng towards Europe, premier.

Premier Cherdenko: You see general, our enemies have been defeated.
Dasha Fedorovich: Wait, Premier, I am getting a emergency message from one of or northern bases.
Commander Muskvin: [Coming on screen] They're attacking! They're too many! We have to evacuate!
Dasha Fedorovich: Who's attacking?
[They are cut off by Emperor Yoshiro]
Emperor Yoshiro: The Imperial war machine has been unleashed. Do not struggle agaianst what is inevitable. Anyone who stand in the way of our "Devine Destiny" will be swept aside by the march of history. You will bow before us or you will cease to exist.
Dasha Fedorovich: Sir, the Empire is preparing a full scale assault.
General Krukov: What Empire?
Dasha Fedorovich: The Empire of the Rising Sun, of course.
General Krukov: We must unleash our nuclear weapons, annihilate them all.
Dasha Fedorovich: Excuse me ,sir?
General Krukov: [Not realizing what has happened with time] Our Nuclear weapons? Our atomic bombs?
Dr. Gregor Zelinsky: You don't understand, without Einstein there are no Nuclear weapons, because we've altered the space time continuum. Oh, who knows what nightmares we've created?

Premier Cherdenko: [First Soviet mission] Ah, commander. As you can see, our situation is shockingly grim. All our forces are consentrated in Europe, pushing the Allies west. This *Empire* knows very well that we're vulnerable right now, they expect us to fall swiftly. At his very moment, their invasion force moves relentlessly towards Leningrad. I have chosen *you* to defend the USSR in this difficult hour, because I need a commander who does not believe in defeat. Somebody who will not simply drive our enemies back, but ultimately annihilate them, humiliate them and show them no mercy.
[Krukov comes on screen]
Premier Cherdenko: General Krukov, whould you like to meet our new commander?
General Krukov: Our new commander?
Premier Cherdenko: Yes. I'm sending him to protect Leningrad.
General Krukov: Eventhough I told you it was foolhardy to try to defend our city.
Premier Cherdenko: If Leningrad falls, the Soviet people will begin to lose hope.
General Krukov: Yes. Well, I wish him luck then. The Empire's technology is highly advanced, and he is likey that he will be vastly outnumbered, but of course it is an honor to sacrifice one's life for the mother land, is it not?
Premier Cherdenko: Indeed.
Premier Cherdenko: Now, if you excuse me, I have a nation to defend.
Premier Cherdenko: [Krukov is replaced by Dasha on screen] Commerade Dasha will be your information officer and will co-ordinate all of our communication.
Dasha Fedorovich: Thank you, your Excellency. Commander, the armies of the Empire are closing in as we speak.
Premier Cherdenko: Make haste, commander. Time is of the essence.

General Krukov: [Coming back to an altered present] I do not understand.
Dr. Gregor Zelinsky: We have altered the past and changed the present.
Dasha Fedorovich: [Appearing on screen] Ah, good to see you sir. I have the reports from the front you requested.
General Krukov: What do you have for me?
Dasha Fedorovich: I'm sorry general, I mean Premier Cherdenko. The Allies are on the run, soon Western Europe will be ours.

Dasha Fedorovich: [Soviet Ending]
[a Statue of Lenin is being erected where the Statue of Liberty used to stand, then Dasha comes on screen]
Dasha Fedorovich: To you, commerade.
[Drinks to you]
Dasha Fedorovich: The people want to meet their new Premier.
[the scene goes to the office window, where their is a celebration outside]
Dasha Fedorovich: The future is yours, commander. The future, is yours.