Billy Morgan
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Billy Morgan (Character)
from "Knight Rider" (2008)

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"Knight Rider: I Wanna Rock and Roll All Knight (#1.7)" (2008)
K.I.T.T.: There is no such thing as the make out rule.
Billy Morgan: What?
K.I.T.T.: You told Zoe you can't park in a car at night without making out. And that it's a rule.
Billy Morgan: Well, it might not be in any database, but it's a rule. Trust me.
K.I.T.T.: Well, it's night, and you are both in a parked car.
Zoe Chae: Rules are rules.

Billy Morgan: When I was playing Planetary War Craft last night, I imagined you were Queen Zorda of Gorn.
Zoe Chae: Queen Zorda? The naked chick with the tentacles?
Billy Morgan: Ha. Yeah
Zoe Chae: Ew.
Billy Morgan: I, uh...
Zoe Chae: Did you just go all Clarence Thomas on me?
Billy Morgan: No, the traffic cam and the software firewall, I thought we were having a moment.
Zoe Chae: I could so call Human Resources right now.
Billy Morgan: I'm - I'm sorry. It was - It was a misunderstanding.
Zoe Chae: Let me ask you a question. Think very carefully before you answer.
Billy Morgan: Okay.
Zoe Chae: What was I doing with my tentacles?

Zoe Chae: [about Michael] He's all coiled up and hinky.
Billy Morgan: Hinky? Mike is loose as a goose. A man with a plan. A dude in a mellow mood.
Zoe Chae: You rhyme like a white boy and not a Beastie Boy.

"Knight Rider: Exit Light, Enter Knight (#1.13)" (2009)
Billy Morgan: How ya doing, Maddie?
Maddie Johnson: Well, I'm sitting inside a talking car that's driving itself to the hospital with a wounded police officer, and my mom's been kidnapped. How do you think I'm doing?
Billy Morgan: Ok, too precocious for me.
Zoe Chae: You have a problem with dealing with any member of the opposite sex, don't you?
Billy Morgan: Pretty much, yeah.

Sarah Graiman: I see you've already met Kitt.
Maddie Johnson: Yeah, he's pretty cool.
Sarah Graiman: And he's also a secret. Can you keep a secret?
Zoe Chae: Of course she can keep a secret. She's a girl.
Billy Morgan: Please.

"Knight Rider: A Knight in Shining Armor (#1.1)" (2008)
Billy Morgan: Listen, Zoe, I have advanced degrees in applied physics, quantum physics, electrical and mechanical engineering, chemistry, as well as discrete and applied mathematics.
Zoe Chae: And I speak nine languages. We should make a baby.
Billy Morgan: [smiling] Really?
Zoe Chae: No.

"Knight Rider: Fly by Knight (#1.15)" (2009)
Billy Morgan: Mike, did I just hear KITT smacking your around?
Mike Traceur: KITT and I are communicating. That's what partners do.
Billy Morgan: No, it just sounded like KITT was making you his bitch.