Phillip Broyles
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Phillip Broyles (Character)
from "Fringe" (2008)

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"Fringe: In Which We Meet Mr. Jones (#1.7)" (2008)
Phillip Broyles: I'm hoping you can help. The man lying in that room is not just a colleague. He's a friend.
Dr. Walter Bishop: I see. Do you have any mints?

[to Olivia]
Phillip Broyles: Your dissatisfaction is what makes you so damn good.

"Fringe: The Cure (#1.6)" (2008)
Olivia Dunham: I guess by now you're heard.
Phillip Broyles: That you frog-marched a senior officer of a multi-billion dollar conglomerate out of his office? Yeah, I heard. Quite a few cameras there.
Olivia Dunham: [shrugs] The press. They always get their pound of flesh. I understand that you think I acted too emotionally. Putting aside the fact that men always say that about women they work with, I'll get straight to the point: I am emotional. I do bring it into my work. It's what motivates me. It's what helps me get into the headspace of our victims, see what they've seen, even if I don't want to, even if it horrifies me. And I think it makes me a better agent. If you have a problem with that, I'm sorry. You can fire me. But I hope you don't.
Phillip Broyles: You're not getting off that easy, Agent Dunham. I'll see you in the morning.

Olivia Dunham: Is there anything else you'd like me to run past you?
Phillip Broyles: Not anything, everything.

"Fringe: Bound (#1.11)" (2009)
Phillip Broyles: Listen up. One of our own has been abducted. The vehicle of Agent Olivia Dunham was found abandoned on Graniteville Road in Westford three miles northeast of Little Hill. I want everyone doing everything: surveillance cameras checked, local officers and agents questioned. Anyone who might have seen anything - PD, DWP, AAA - I don't care what acronym it is, you get 'em, you talk to 'em and you find Dunham.

"Fringe: And Those We Left Behind (#4.6)" (2011)
Phillip Broyles: [referring to Peter] We need to get him back to the lab. I want Dr. Bishop to run those tests immediately.
Olivia Dunham: Walter is refusing to do ANYTHING that involves him.
Phillip Broyles: Dr. Bishop doesn't get to choose which cases he works and which he doesn't. It's his job to investigate fringe events, and until something suggests otherwise, HE is a fringe event.

"Fringe: An Enemy of Fate (#5.13)" (2013)
Captain Windmark: Before we arrived here, we sent a team of twelve. Their mission was to observe and report; however, a strange phenomenon occurred. To some degree or other, they succumbed to irrational emotions. Your kind infected them.
Phillip Broyles: But not you. You seem to be impervious to everything.
Captain Windmark: I will never speak of it again, but I will admit this to you, Phillip. I, too, feel something. I believe you call it... hate.
Phillip Broyles: The feeling is mutual.

"Fringe: The Transformation (#1.13)" (2009)
Phillip Broyles: I'm afraid that won't be possible.
Agent Olivia Dunham: Well, then make it possible.

"Fringe: Momentum Deferred (#2.4)" (2009)
Phillip Broyles: Why are shape-shifting soldiers from another universe stealing frozen heads?

"Fringe: Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (#3.19)" (2011)
Astrid Farnsworth: What you're feeling right now, it's just the effects of the LSD, but it's temporary.
Phillip Broyles: No, it's infinite.

"Fringe: Grey Matters (#2.10)" (2009)
Phillip Broyles: There's only one Walter Bishop. And we'll be needing him before this is over.

"Fringe: There's More Than One of Everything (#1.20)" (2009)
Phillip Broyles: [Phones ring suddenly, interrupting a complex conversation between Broyles, Dunham, Francis & Nina Sharp. Broyles picks up his phone] Broyles!
Agent Olivia Dunham: [Dunham picks up hers] Dunham!
Charlie Francis: [Francis wasn't left out either] Francis!

"Fringe: Pilot (#1.1)" (2008)
Phillip Broyles: [BROYLES follows DUNHAM as he tries to recruit her for his team] You must not have heard me, I said stop. They're calling these events a pattern. As if someone out there is experimenting only the whole world is their lab. You've seen it now, you know.
Agent Olivia Dunham: I don't want to know. I have a job.
Phillip Broyles: This is a more important job. Anything, anybody you need you can have.
Agent Olivia Dunham: I like the job I've got. And the man I do it with which you've seemed to deduce on your own.
Phillip Broyles: Look around. You see all these people going about their lives, no idea what's happening around them, what they're in the middle of.
Agent Olivia Dunham: I just want to go back to before.
Phillip Broyles: Dunham, I don't think you can.

"Fringe: Midnight (#1.18)" (2009)
Phillip Broyles: We have another monster on the loose?
Olivia Dunham: No, Walter says the bite marks are definitely human.
Phillip Broyles: I can just about remember when a suspect being human was a given, not an option.