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Dr. Ralphus Galkinsmelter (Character)
from "Metalocalypse" (2006)

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"Metalocalypse: Dethdad (#2.15)" (2008)
Senator Stampingston: Gentlemen, Toki Wartooth's father is on his deathbed. Our psychological death expert, Dr. Ralphus Galkinsmelter.
Dr. Ralphus Galkinsmelter: Toki Wartooth has become a messenger of death. Everything he touches with his love will die, for he brings death with him like a blackened cloud... hovering... in the cold... night... sky. Like the grim reaper himself, his guitar is his scythe. He cascaaades through the open window of your child's cradle to suck the very life from your baby's breath.
General Crozier: What a load of horse shit.
Dr. Ralphus Galkinsmelter: How dare you, General. You're like a withering toad, eating flies on your lilypad.
Senator Stampingston: Dr. Galkinsmelter, please behave yourself! What does this all mean?
Dr. Ralphus Galkinsmelter: Toki has suppressed his feelings for his father. His death may ignite long-dormant emotions. He will spin out of control into a vortex of madness. He will bring death to us all. He will bring death to us all. Thank you.