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Quotes for
Red Bean Pudding (Character)
from Once a Thief (1991)

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Once a Thief (1991)
Red Bean Pudding: I've told you so many times. Don't just use D gear. Sometimes use 1st gear, or 2nd gear. I say brake, you don't. I say step on it, you don't. I say ease off the pedal, you don't. You're so stupid!

Red Bean Pudding: Did I make you waste your tears over me?

Red Bean: I want to live somewhere peaceful, that isn't at war.
Red Bean Pudding: Iraq? There's no war in Iraq. Or go to heaven, they have clean air!

James: We're always travelling. We should look for somewhere to call home.
Red Bean Pudding: Brother James, don't say things like that.
[quotes a famous chinese saying]
Red Bean Pudding: There are very old mountains and rivers, heroes don't seek a place to rest, people won't always be dancing on stage, and trends will be blown away by the wind and rain.