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Elly Patterson (Character)
from For Better or for Worse: The Babe Magnet (1994) (TV)

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For Better or for Worse: A Storm in April (1996) (TV)
Elly Patterson: It was a little after midnight on the first day of April.
Elizabeth Patterson: April fools!
Michael Patterson: April fools us all.

"For Better or for Worse" (2000)
John Patterson: How's our mournful musician?
Elly Patterson: He's still up there.
John Patterson: I already tried my A-Material on him. "Stiff Upper Lip" "Plenty of fish in the sea."
Elly Patterson: Well, What did you do when you got dumped?
John Patterson: Who says I was ever dumped?
[Ellie looks at John disaprovingly]
John Patterson: Well, I guess I did stuff. Played with my model trains. Excuse me for a second.
[Opening kitchen door. Singsong]
John Patterson: Michael shove a sock in it.
Elly Patterson: It's good for a boy to get. He hasn't done anything for days.
[Looking proud]

For Better or for Worse: The Babe Magnet (1994) (TV)
John Patterson: Who says you can't buy happiness?
Elly Patterson: I think it was Ralph Nader