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John (Character)
from "The Tomorrow People" (1973)

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"The Tomorrow People: Castle of Fear: Ghosts and Monsters (#7.1)" (1978)
Mike: As, uh... as no one feels like going back to bed, let's all swap nightmare stories. Mine was a hideous Highlander brandishing a sword. What was yours?
John: That's incredible, Mike. It seems as if you and I had the same dream, as near as can be.
Elizabeth: Not just you two. "A hideous headless Highlander" just about describes my dream as well. How 'bout you, Hsui Tai?
Hsui Tai: A man... without a head... and carrying a sword and... wearing a skirt.
Mike: Snap.

John: Well, sixty-four thousand dollar question: Why should we all have the same dream at the same time?
Mike: Well, why shouldn't we have? We're all telepathic. Maybe that's one of the drawbacks: we all get each other's bad dreams.
John: No, Mike. We've had each other's dreams before but never each other's nightmares.

John: The ability of people to delude themselves is one of the wonders of the age.

Mike: Oh, what's the matter with you? Can't you take a joke?
John: A joke, yes; a lapful of hot coffee, no.

"The Tomorrow People: The Living Skins: Cold War (#7.6)" (1978)
Tim: They are known as Bolboids, and they're a kind of parasite.
Andrew: What, a creature that lives on other creatures?
John: Yes, Andrew.
Tim: They latch onto the native species, wrap themselves around them, and slowly digest them.
Mike: And that's what they're doing to us. Ew.
Tim: It is a process which takes several months. They always start with whichever is the most advanced form of life on the planet, then they work their way down the scale, latching onto different life forms until they have stripped the planet bare.

Mike: We gotta help her.
Bolboid: Absorb!
John: Don't be stupid. We're helping her by keeping out of it.

Mike: John, you should be congratulated.
John: D'oh, no, no. I-I think we should all be.
Mike: No, I meant for your generosity. Well, I'll never ever again say that you're mean. Well, after all, who else could say they've given something of theirs personally to everyone else in the world. Mind you, it was a stinking cold, but it's a start, eh?

"The Tomorrow People: Hitler's Last Secret: Men Like Rats (#6.3)" (1978)
[Mike is wearing Nazi gear]
John: You're not going out dressed like that.
Michael Bell: Like this? Well, what's wrong with it?
John: Those clothes, they're disgusting.
Michael Bell: Well, it's just a fashion, that's all. It's harmless. Lots of kids wear it.
John: I don't care what lots of kids do. They're not Tomorrow People.

John: Do you know who Hitler is?
Michael Bell: Hitler's dead.
John: No, no, Mike, no. Hitler isn't dead. Hitler is Neebor from the planet Vashir, a galatic, shape-changing psychopath. The Federation police have been onto him for hundreds of years. And no one knows where he really is, Mike, but one thing's for sure - he didn't die in any bunker at the end of World War II.

"The Tomorrow People: War of the Empires: Contact! (#8.2)" (1979)
[the Thargons blow up]
John: They did bring it on themselves.
Mike: Yeah. Yeah, I suppose that's true.

John: [addressing the Galactic Trig] You empty-headed morons. Oh, you look very fine in your ceremonial robes. I'm sure you all think you're very important talking and squeaking and dickering or whatever it is you do all day long. Just as long as you don't have to take any decisions and have to take the consequences of your actions, you're perfectly happy. You make me sick.

"The Tomorrow People: The Slaves of Jedikiah: Part 5 (#1.5)" (1973)
Tim: What will happen to other Tomorrow People if you all get killed?
Stephen: What other Tomorrow People? I thought there were only four of us.
Tim: There are at the moment. I mean the thousands who have not yet broken out. When they do, they will need your help.
John: Well, they'll manage somehow. I did.

Cyclops: I don't expect help from humans. Your planet has an evil reputation throughout the galaxy.
Carol: The Earth?
Cyclops: Yes. That is why so few space travelers from other planets visit you. You are always at war.
Stephen: You're no better. You're the history of war. We even fought your parents.
Cyclops: That is what you have been taught. It is incorrect. Humans interpret events only in terms of violence.
John: Well, what about Odysseus? The legend says that the cyclops Polythemus tried to kill him.
Cyclops: The human version again. The official log of that expedition to Earth tells it somewhat differently.

"The Tomorrow People: The Slaves of Jedikiah: Part 3 (#1.3)" (1973)
Carol: This is a closed world. No aliens are supposed to come here.
John: My dad's not supposed to park on a double yellow line but he does.

John: Carol, what do we know about Stephen?
Carol: Oh, John, you don't think he's one of THOSE, do you?

"The Tomorrow People: One Law: One Law for the Poor (#4.1)" (1975)
John: You mean you got the Galactic Trig to set up an 800 light year transporter beam just because you changed your mind?
Tyso: I wanted to see me Mum.

John: Tim, are you sure you're not putting two and two together and making five?
TIM: I am not in the habit of making inaccurate calculations.
John: You managed to burn the toast.

"The Tomorrow People: War of the Empires: Close Encounter (#8.1)" (1979)
John: I wonder if all those people who are desperate to have a close encounter of some kind have ever really thought about what it might mean.
Hsui Tai: What do you mean, John?
John: Just think what happened to the African Negro and the American Indian when they came into contact with the Europeans who had more advanced technology. Well, the Blacks were sold into slavery and the Indians almost wiped out.

"The Tomorrow People: Hitler's Last Secret: Seeds of Destruction (#6.4)" (1978)
Michael Bell: Well, pardon my ignorance - if it's showing - but what's "genetic engineering?"
John: Well, genes - no, Mike, not the sort you wear...

"The Tomorrow People: Castle of Fear: Fighting Spirit (#7.2)" (1978)
Bruce Forbes: My God! He can call up a whole army of ghosts.
John: No, they look too real to be ghosts. I'm gonna try something.
Mike: What?
John: I think they're hallucinatiions. He's one of us and he's playing tricks with our minds and making us see things. Well, two can play at that game.

"The Tomorrow People: Secret Weapon: Lost & Found (#3.1)" (1975)
Prof. Cawston: Saps, who are they?
Elizabeth 'Liz' M'Bundo: It's a bit insulting, really. It's our way of refering to Homo sapiens. Saps, you know.
Prof. Cawston: Oh, I see. You see yourselves as Homo superior then?
John: Well, I don't know about superior, but we are undoubtedly the next stage of human evolution, after Homo sapiens that is.

"The Tomorrow People: Achilles Heel: A Room at the Inn (#7.3)" (1978)
Andrew Forbes: It's not fair. I STILL haven't had a chance to go off into space.
John: Yes, well, remind me sometime when we haven't got an emergency and I'll take you, okay?

"The Tomorrow People: The Lost Gods: Life Before Death (#6.2)" (1978)
Mike: What are you grinning at?
John: I see you've got your Chinese drag on.
Mike: These are my godly robes. Speak to me like that and you'll be cast into a bottomless pit, mate.

"The Tomorrow People: The Slaves of Jedikiah: Part 4 (#1.4)" (1973)
John: There IS a cyclops involved with Jedikiah somehow, though how or why I just don't know.

"The Tomorrow People: The Living Skins: A Harmless Fashion (#7.5)" (1978)
John: [seeing Mike and Hsui Tai in their new jumpsuits] Yes, well, you don't look all that special to me.
Mike: It's not what they look like. It's what they feel like.
Hsui Tai: It's very comfortable.
Mike: In the future, I won't want to wear anything else.

"The Tomorrow People: The Medusa Strain: Part 1 (#1.6)" (1973)
John: [playing a strategy game] Hey, that's not fair!
Carol: What's not fair?
John: You're trying to read my mind! I felt you!
Carol: Oh, now, I wouldn't do a thing like that.
John: [dourly] Not much.