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Quotes for
Karl Todman (Character)
from "Vampire High" (2001)

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"Vampire High: Rules Are Rules (#1.1)" (2001)
Dr. Reginald Murdoch: Pick up your first assignments as you leave. Any cheating is punishable immediate expulsion. Oh. As is the other cardinal rule around here. No mixing with the day school.
Essie Rachimova: They must be rich kids.
Karl Todman: Good. I have expensive taste.
Dr. Reginald Murdoch: No mixing!

"Vampire High: What's Up Doc? (#1.8)" (2001)
Essie Rachimova: It doesn't add up. When does Dr. Murdoch eat? Hmm? All humans have to get their nourishment from food.
Karl Todman: Maybe he's carbo-loading in private.
Essie Rachimova: And how old is he? Has he ever been married? What about friends, family? Where was he born?
Marty Strickland: Look, everybody! It's Essie Rachimova, vampire PI!