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Quotes for
Freddy the Ferret (Character)
from Barnyard (2006)

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"Back at the Barnyard: Cowman and Ratboy/Cow's Best Friend (#1.2)" (2007)
Peck the Rooster: Now, explosives can be highly unpredictable, Freddy. You want to help me do a test run?
Freddy the Ferret: You had me at 'explosives.'

Peck the Rooster: I keep forgetting if we're supposed to use one ounce of blast powder or one 78-pound barrel of blast powder.
Freddy the Ferret: Well, you know what the old saying is, when in doubt...
Peck the Rooster, Freddy the Ferret: ...go with the 78-pound barrel of blast powder.

Freddy the Ferret: Hey, anybody ever notice that Otis and Cowman are never together at the same time?
Bessy the Cow: You're really 31 flavors of dumb, aren't you?

"Back at the Barnyard: Hypno-a-Go-Go/Fowl Play (#1.5)" (2007)
Freddy the Ferret: [about eating Peck] What? That's sick. I'm deeply offended!
[coughs up one of Peck's feathers]
Pip the Mouse: Oh my gosh!
Abby the Cow: Freddy, how could you?

Otis the Cow: I object!
Freddy the Ferret: Me too!
[eggs are thrown at him]

"Back at the Barnyard: Escape from the Barnyard/The Good, the Bad, the Snotty (#1.1)" (2007)
Freddy the Ferret: He seems nice. Wait, not nice. What's the word? It's on the tip of my tongue. Oh yeah. Dangerously insane!

Barnyard (2006)
Freddy the Ferret: [the unconscious farmer has discovered the animals] He knows too much! We gotta take care of him. We gotta whack him!
Otis the Cow: There will be NO WHACKING! Okay? The farmer's a good guy! He's been good to us.
Miles the Mule: He's a vegan! God bless him.
Pig the Pig: And, uh, what is a vegan again?
Freddy the Ferret: Oh, I know this one...
Pip the Mouse: Naw, I got it... it means you can't eat anything with a face.
Peck the Rooster: No, no, that's a vegetarian.
Pig the Pig: Vegetarians have to eat in the dark, right?
Duke the Dog: That's a VAMPIRE. C'mon!
Pip the Mouse: You can't eat cheese?
Bessy the Cow: It's not just cheese, vegans can't have ANY dairy products.
Peck the Rooster: Cake?
Pig the Pig: Cake has egg products...
Pip the Mouse: But you can't have any dairy!
Freddy the Ferret: No dairy? But I LOVE dairy! Does that mean I can't be a vegan?
Pig the Pig: I love the smell of bacon! There, I said it.
[the animals all gasp as the farmer awakens and reacts. Miles kicks him in the head a second time]
Miles the Mule: It's not like we have a lot of options.

"Back at the Barnyard: Lights! Camera! Moo!/Animal Farmers (#1.7)" (2007)
Otis the Cow: Hey, what did you use in that energy drink?
Bessy the Cow: Milk.
Peck the Rooster: Vitamins.
Abby the Cow: Love.
Otis the Cow: And...?
Freddy the Ferret: And these pepper shakers.
Otis the Cow: That's not pepper, that's dynamite!