Regan Matthews
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Regan Matthews (Character)
from "Smallville" (2001)

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"Smallville: Odyssey (#8.1)" (2008)
Regan Matthews: It's a shame that Lex couldn't be here to see this. The elusive band of terrorists finally in captivity.
Dinah Lance: Lex was never able to find us. How did his Bozo zookeeper get so lucky?
Regan Matthews: Luck has nothing to do with it, Miss Lance. I have a new secret weapon. You weren't up there scouring the Arctic for Lex. You were searching for someone else. The Traveler.
Arthur Curry: Who's that, some frequent flyer?
Regan Matthews: He's an alien. He knows what happened to Lex. Who is he?
Arthur Curry: Look, the only reason we headed up to that winter wonderland was to find Lex.
Regan Matthews: You're lying through your gills, Mr. Curry.

Regan Matthews: [points gun at Green Arrow] There's a reason cowboys won the West. Playing with bows and arrows can only get you so far.
[Aquaman swims up from under the icy water and tosses Regan onto a pile of crates]
Green Arrow: Nice toss... for a fish out of water.

[first lines]
Tess Mercer: [entering tent] Who is Regan? What have you been doing, all this time, building snowmen?
Regan Matthews: Who do you think you are? This site is off limits.
Tess Mercer: Tess Mercer. My access is unrestricted. Per Lex's written instructions, I'm now the acting C.E.O. of LuthorCorp and all its subsidiaries.
Regan Matthews: You're nothing but an obscure Regional V.P. You actually think you're qualified?
Tess Mercer: Lex believes it... and that's all that matters. I want a complete inventory of everything you've found. Footprint, snowmobile tracks, any sign of escape.
Regan Matthews: Escape?
Tess Mercer: Trust me, Lex Luthor didn't meet his end at some dwindling ice cap.

"Smallville: Power (#8.13)" (2009)
Regan Matthews: You actually believe you can declare Lex dead and not end up dead yourself?
Tess Mercer: You're a pretty pathetic guard dog. Loyal to a master that can't even feed himself. Why don't you come and work for me? Hm? I'll give you more milk bones than Lex ever did.
Regan Matthews: I think I'd rather shovel cow dung.