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Sir James Tyrrel (Character)
from Richard III (1995)

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Richard III (1995)
George, Duke of Clarence: I will send you to my brother Richard, who shall reward you better for my life than will the King for tidings of my death.
James Tyrell, Richard's Chief Henchman: You are deceived. Your brother Richard hates you.
George, Duke of Clarence: Oh, you are wrong. He loves me, and he holds me dear: Go you to him. Tell him that, he will weep.

Lord William Hastings, Prime Minister: If she hath done this deed, my lord...
Richard III: If! Thou protector of this damned strumpet, talk'st thou to me of if? Thou art a traitor! Off with his head. By St Paul I shall not dine until I see the same. Those who love me stand and follow me!
James Tyrell, Richard's Chief Henchman: [to Hastings] His grace would have dinner.

Richard III (1955)
Richard III: Darest thou resolve to kill a friend of mine?
Tyrell: Please you, but I'd rather kill two enemies.