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Duke of Buckingham (Character)
from Richard III (1995)

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Richard III (1995)
[his last words]
Duke of Buckingham: Made I him king for this?
[Tyrell garrotes him]

Duke of Buckingham: My Lord protector, what should we do if we perceive Hastings will not yield to our plans?
Richard: Chop off his head.

Duke of Buckingham: [to Richard III] Know then, it is your fault that you refuse the supreme seat, the throne majestical. We heartily solicit you take on the kingly government of this your land. Not as Lord protector, but from blood to blood, your right of birth, your empery, your own.

Duke of Buckingham: Long live, King Richard!

When Knighthood Was in Flower (1922)
Duke of Buckingham: A pretty mess you and your ruffians made of it!

Duke of Buckingham: But, sire, a Princess of the blood royal cannot be the wife of a commoner!
Mary Tudor: My Lord of Buckingham is right. Then why not make my husband Duke of Suffolk?
Henry VIII: [to Brandon] And now you can try to tame her, my Duke of Suffolk - - and heaven help you!

"Shakespeare: The Animated Tales: King Richard III (#2.1)" (1994)
Buckingham: My lord, what should we do if we perceive Lord Hastings will not yield to our complots?
Richard: Chop off his head man!

Richard III (1955)
Duke of Buckingham: And is it thus? Repays he my deep services/ With such contempt? Made I him King for this?/ O let me think on Hastings
[who has been beheaded]
Duke of Buckingham: and let me be gone/ To Richmond, while my fearful head is on.