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Quotes for
Joyce Wischnia (Character)
from "The L Word" (2004)

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"The L Word: Legend in the Making (#4.1)" (2007)
Joyce Wischnia: Well, I'm glad to see that you've made your decision.
Bette Porter: What decision have we made?
Joyce Wischnia: Mommy dearest one and mommy dearest two will be fighting this out in a court of law... which in the end is not a terrible thing.
Tina Kennard: How is that not a terrible thing?
Bette Porter: Yeah, in what universe is that not a terrible thing?
Joyce Wischnia: Well, in the universe of my bank account for one.

Joyce Wischnia: [to baby Angelica] And you, my little sweet, you will be known in the press as Baby A, the artificially conceived daughter of a bisexual, white movie exec and a biracial, lesbian art-world titan. Oh, my gosh. The fundamentalists will picket. Liberals and feminists will argue among themselves. Good Christian folks will write into the op-eds, offering to adopt her away from her sick and perverted, warring parents.