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Sam Bolt (Character)
from "Honey West" (1965)

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"Honey West: Rockabye the Hard Way (#1.15)" (1965)
[Honey and Sam enter a room full of thugs playing cards]
Sam Bolt: We've got a full house.
Honey West: And the jokers are wild.

Honey West: Sam, we can't just walk out of here.
Sam Bolt: If we're lucky - *yeah!*

[Honey returns from her interview with a handsome Secret Service agent]
Honey West: Sam, do you think they'll give us a medal?
Sam Bolt: Is that what that Agent Double O Something or Other was talking about?

[first lines]
Honey West: This looks like the last stop to nowhere.
Sam Bolt: Well, if he's around here, he shouldn't be too hard to find.
Honey West: That's what you said a week ago in Guadalajara.

Honey West: He was very thorough, he asked a million questions.
Sam Bolt: What was your phone number and are you married, maybe?
Honey West: He wants me to join the Secret Service.
Sam Bolt: There are no women in the Secret Service.

[last lines]
Rocky Hansen: Hey look, I don't like to interfere, you know, but I'm only a client. What happens to me?
Honey West: You got your job back. You sure they don't have women in the Secret Service?
Sam Bolt: [talking with his mouth full of food] I just told you there were no w...
[Honey crams a piece of toast into his mouth, causing him to mumble]
Sam Bolt: ... Secret Service.

"Honey West: The Gray Lady (#1.13)" (1965)
[Honey kisses Sam's bandaged head]
Honey West: There. All better?
Sam Bolt: I think gangrene just set in.

[referring to a pair of well-dressed criminals]
Sam Bolt: Nice couple.
Honey West: Of what?

"Honey West: The Owl and the Eye (#1.2)" (1965)
Gus Patterson: Trick? Or treat?
Sam Bolt: Treat, Mr. Patterson.
[Hands Patterson the Ming Owl]
Gus Patterson: Just where did you get this?
Honey West: We stole it from the Hirschfield Museum. We thought you might like it back.

Sam Bolt: [In Mortimer's hotel room] I'll keep snooping.
Honey West: Right, Sam.
[Hangs up]
Mortimer: [Appears in doorway of his hotel room, with gun] Snoopers sometimes get shot.

"Honey West: Live a Little... Kill a Little (#1.5)" (1965)
Honey West: Sam, how did you ever find me here?
Sam Bolt: Simple. This was the only place left to look.

[trying to pull a blanket away from Bruce the ocelot]
Sam Bolt: Come on, Bruce, you're getting too old for a security blanket.

"Honey West: King of the Mountain (#1.18)" (1966)
Honey West: What else did you get?
Sam Bolt: Pictures of his tax returns. Shall we go back to the darkroom and see what develops?
Honey West: There's only one more name on the list. We might as well find it - Mr. King's nurse.
Sam Bolt: Ida Bering, girl swinger. She has a playpen out on Highland Avenue.
Honey West: Let's shake it and see what rattles.

Sam Bolt: That bullet left some sort of biothematic intolerance in his system.
Honey West: Really? What's that?
Sam Bolt: King can't control his body heat... but who can?
Honey West: Watch your voltage, Sam.

"Honey West: How Brillig, O, Beamish Boy (#1.17)" (1966)
Sam Bolt: [hooking Mr. Brillig with his own cane] Come here, Jabberwocky.
Honey West: Give a man enough cane and he'll hang himself.

[last lines]
[Honey hid half a million dollars in Bruce the Ocelot's sweater]
Sam Bolt: Honey... all that money on him... He could have heard the call of the wild and taken off!
Honey West: Yeah - and with nine lives he would have had a ball.
Sam Bolt: ... Yeah.

"Honey West: Whatever Lola Wants.... (#1.6)" (1965)
[listening to a tape recording of Lola describing her illegal activities]
Sam Bolt: Well, that will guarantee our hostess a nice long party.
Honey West: With the state picking up the tab.

[last lines]
Sam Bolt: And that's the end of the case - except for one thing.
Honey West: What's that, Sam?
Sam Bolt: [imitating Manuel Rodriguez] With you, I am inspired...
[Sam kisses Honey's hand passionately]
Honey West: Down, boy.
Sam Bolt: I'm inspired to suggest something wild... crazy...
Honey West: Paris, Sam?
Sam Bolt: Oh, no no no no. A place of the hamburger. I am hun-gry.
Honey West: Very romantic.
Sam Bolt: [returning to his normal voice] All right, call me basic.
Honey West: All right, Basic, I'll get my hat.

"Honey West: A Matter of Wife and Death (#1.4)" (1965)
[first lines]
[Honey is sunbathing]
Sam Bolt: You'll get freckles that way.
Honey West: Stop reading over my shoulder.
Sam Bolt: Any problems?
Honey West: Only a Peeping Sam. Girl watch on your own time.

[Sam is nearly killed by an explosion]
Honey West: Sam, are you all right?
Sam Bolt: I won't know until I take inventory.

"Honey West: It's Earlier Than You Think (#1.19)" (1966)
Sam Bolt: He found something in that paper that proved it was a forgery. He was trying to bring it to us for evidence.
Honey West: Well, we've got the paper; we're in good shape.
Sam Bolt: Unh-uh, because they know that I know that they know that I know. They're going to try to close that deal with Paul Wycherly's brother right away!

"Honey West: The Abominable Snowman (#1.3)" (1965)
Sam Bolt: Well, well.
Honey West: [dressed in evening gown and using French accent] You do not think I am gorgeous, cherie?
Sam Bolt: I still think we should call the police in. That's what I think.
Honey West: [later that evening] Sam, call the police.
Sam Bolt: [disguised as a waiter] That's the best idea you've had so far.
Honey West: I'm going upstairs to find that sample case.
Sam Bolt: [grabbing her elbow] Oh no you're not. You let the police do it. Come on.
Honey West: Waiters are so ill mannered these days.
Sam Bolt: [letting her go] Career women.

"Honey West: Invitation to Limbo (#1.14)" (1965)
Lieutenant Sherman: All right, Miss West, let's waltz around again. Who would want to kill you?
Honey West: Oh, a couple of dozen people, including Sam sometimes.
Sam Bolt: That would be justifiable homicide.

"Honey West: The Swingin' Mrs. Jones (#1.1)" (1965)
Sam Bolt: Give us a little time. We'll do our best.
Honey West: We've already done our worst.

"Honey West: A Nice Little Till to Tap (#1.16)" (1965)
Honey West: Are you sure Pete's the one? He's so charming, so nice. I feel so guilty.
Sam Bolt: Honey, your girl is showing.

"Honey West: A Neat Little Package (#1.10)" (1965)
Sam Bolt: Fights, knives, guns, hoods - boy, what a life!
Honey West: That's the detective biz.

"Honey West: The Princess and the Paupers (#1.7)" (1965)
Jingles: Well, I guess it's the jug for me again, huh?
Honey West, Sam Bolt: [singing] Yeah yeah yeah!